I am going to ManSplain you something real quick….

Oh my fucking god.  If people think that something is bothering them, then they make a fucking dumbass word for it.  And this time, that word is…..Mansplaining.

*long, heavy sigh*

For fucking real, guys?  Do we really need this word?  Wikipedia describes this idiocy as “to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.”  Meaning, you are woman, I am man, and I know better than you because men are smarters.

Yet, don’t women do this every single day?  And yet I don’t see anyone getting upset about it.  I also don’t see anyone getting upset when in movies (or in life) that  a) women slap men…if a man slaps a woman, that’s abuse, but a woman slaps a man and that’s “comedy”; b) a woman talks down to a man because men ARE clueless about a lot of things…this known as “life” or “being in a relationship with a woman”.  YET we don’t have a fucking word for THAT, do we now?  Nope.  It’s funny to make fun of men.  But I DARE you to make fun a woman, because all of a sudden, that’s sexist.

Women think it’s okay to talk down to a man because they view men, as a whole, as dumb idiots who grunt a lot, and only know about sports.  And men think it’s okay to talk to women because they view women, as a whole, as dumb idiots who bitch a lot, and only know about shopping.

And which one is wrong?  I mean, I know many of both in both categories.  I also brilliant men and women, as well.  But brilliance is in the eye of the beholder.  We usually view brilliance as “someone who knows more about the thing I know about” and we dismiss those who “know more about things I have no idea about”.  A man who knows every sports stat out there will not be viewed as brilliant from those who know nothing about sports.

But then we have arrogant pieces of shit men AND WOMEN, who think they know more about things we already know about.  They MAY view us as dumber because of our sex, or, more likely, view us as dumber because they think of everyone on earth as dumber than they are.  And that, ladies and gents, is called being a total fucking asshole.

I know a mansplainer.  He he thinks he knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.  And he’s married to a womansplainer, who thinks she knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, but especially about things I already know about.  I find it condescending.  My hubby and I find them both very, very condescending.  And their sex has NOTHING to do with who they are.  They’re just jerks who feel insignificant and have a great need to feel better and more superior than others so they can mask their insignificance.  There is no “splaining” involved.

Fuck your stupid word.  I think the world has  GOT to get angry about something, so they invent a fucking retarded ass word to give them something to bitch about.  And this word?  To assume it’s a MAN thing to do, and not a HUMAN thing to do?  Is fucking sexist AS FUCK.  EVERYONE DOES THIS.  And sometimes we do it because we think we know more than others (and we don’t) and other times we do it because we’re being condescending based on some stupid assumption about that person and still other times we do it because we don’t mean to.  I’ve done it.  I’ve done it to the same sex, the opposite sex, and those on the internet I have no idea what their real sex is.  I’ve had it done to me.  And yes, sometimes it’s sexist.  But most of the time, it’s not.

So take your dumbass word and go piss in a bucket, because I am tired of crazy ass people getting pissed over stupid shit and creating stupid words about their pissiness.  Let’s create a problem where there isn’t one.  Yes, men can be sexist, but not all men are and not all men are being condescending just because they don’t agree with you.  Dumbasses.   Go be offended somewhere else.


I’m out.

Judgey McJudgersons are Judgey

For fucking real.  I can’t believe the nerve of people anymore.

Let’s first start off by saying that for the past 18 years or so, I’ve been on foodstamps/LINK/SNAP or whatever you want to call it.  Also, medical card.  Not consistently, but mostly.  And every time I’ve gotten my card out of my wallet to use, I’ve felt the eyes staring at me…boring into the back of my head, silently judging, being assholes.  But I could never prove it.  If you live in America and you’re poor as fuck, then you should feel ashamed of getting help.  My husband of the past 11 years has been at the same job: a small place of 4 people, so they don’t offer insurance.  Also, since it’s only four people, there’s only so far you can go, and raises are not likely to come by.  So that’s left us in a lurch where money is concerned most years.  Right now we don’t have link, and haven’t for awhile, but probably will again in the future if we need to.  And that’s my fucking business, not anyone else’s.

So, dis bitch today, sat there and looked at the black woman in front of us with two kids (one brand new baby) and said she should stop being lazy and get a job rather than using WIC.


I am pausing for dramatic effect.


Still pausing. (keeping my cool)


(nope, not working)



Oh, I told that bitch to shut the hell up and just about smacked her!  She had a little kid in the cart with her, and all I could think about was that poor child having to witness his skanky ass mother being rude to a total stranger and to swear out in public at a grocery store.  Great learning experience, mom!!  Wow!  We should all strive to have money like you and be a great parent like yourself!  Since dis bitch works full time, I am glad to know she’s not raising her own child (no offense to working moms…we ALL make sacrifices to do what we think is best for our family, I am just referring to this crazy judgmental bitch!)

Actually I told her to “go home, you’re being judgmental”(I didn’t swear at her or call her shit) and she said  back to me”Fuck you bitch!  You’re judging ME!”  I was like “Oh yeah, I am judging you for being judgey???  HA!”  She then ran away  (while yelling more things at me from afar) because anyone who’s willing to stand up to a bully is probably a little crazy and most likely intimidating, because bullies are nothing but pussies who think their LOUD ass words are scary enough to keep people at bay…turns out IT’S NOT! HA! She literally was STUNNED I called her judgmental….LOL.

That’s what wrong with the world today.  People think their ignorant ass ideas are wanted in this world and not only that, people think that the “WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT EVERYTHING!!”  But mostly, it’s the fact that a certain demographic of (:::coughcoughredneckcoughcough::::) people feel that nobody is entitled to help from the government, no matter their life situation, because everyone, even if you have a full time job, is a “leach” and a “loser”.  Because they see that medical card or that link card come out and automatically, you’re a “loser with no job”.

And this makes me want to punch people in the fucking mouths.

When I am rich?  I will be happy to supply part of what I make to help those less fortunate than me.

I always hear from people: “Oh that bitch just bought lobster on her link card!”  Who fucking cares you asshole twat?  It’s FOOD.  “Oh that family just bought a 12pk  of soda on their link card!!”  WHO FUCKING CARES YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE TWAT???  If she was paying with CASH you would care fucking less!!  So stop making this be about YOU (which is what this whole issue really is about) and let it be none-yo-bidness!

Again, just like my mentality on why a woman would choose abortion, I don’t give a fuck what people do with their own shit!!  And if you do??  Then you must lead a total fucking pathetic life that you care so much about what other people do or what they are eating.





Get a fucking life, judgmental assholes.  For real.


Organic People Are Chock Full of Crazy

“Oh my god, hi! My name is Kiki.  I only eat free-range organic, locally and sustainably grown, gmo, antibiotic, and gluten free grass-fed beef and chicken!  Although I used to be a vegan!   Also my kids have never gotten a single immunization shot in their entire lives and are a gluten-free casein free diet and we use a composting toilet!  And I talk as if I am always using an exclamation point!” she says with a smug look on her face.  “What do you do to help the environment?”

I just stared at her.  “I recycle my plastic and metal garbage.”

“Oh so you guys don’t go the organic route or anything?”  She brushes her blonde dreadlock from her face.

“Nope.  Nice talking to ya!” And then I turn and walk away.

What do you say to someone like that?  Do you educate them on their stupid choices in life?  Will they even listen if you do?  The answer 99% of the time is a big fat NO.  So instead, I just walk away.  Not to mention I don’t want to be around those walking disease factories she calls children.  I mean, let’s bring back polio why don’t we?  That’s so organic.

People today LOVE buzzwords.  They love them so much that they are willing to risk their own safety on them.  “We are so crunchy granola. We are anti-vax.”  Yes, and your granola is laced with whooping cough and salmonella, don’t cha know.

You now what buzzword I like?  “Healthy”.  “Sensible”.  And most of all “science.”  Do you know that some people are advised to not wash their organic produce because “it’s not needed”?  That’s how people get sick.  Also, on the flip side, those not buying organic are told “you might as well not even buy any veggies at all if you’re not buying organic”.  Saying eating NO veggies is better than eating “pesticide contaminated” ones.

The people that say this are a special kind of stupid.

And when you ask them “Do you even science?” they get angry and scream “You’re being a meanie!”  But the sad thing is, they don’t science.  They don’t even science a little bit.

Sucks when people point out the truth, doesn’t it?

.Or it’s the fact that they wholeheartedly believe they are believing in science.  But it’s the “off the wall” “hidden” science that “real science doesn’t want you to know about” because if you did, it would “blow the whole industry out of the water”.

Because “the government wants to poison us and our children” for some reason.  They just want to “make a buck”.

Yes, because that makes sense, doesn’t it?  Less people means less consumers and less taxes being paid.  That makes total sense.  Let’s just kill everyone while we’re at it!  Whoo hoo!

*sigh* We have a huge amount of people out there who are believing in conspiracy theories out there today.  More than ever before.  We either a) have more mental illness such as paranoia out there (which is probably true) or b) the people are sick of the same ‘ol same ‘ol so they have to invent a new way for people to latch on to so they feel like they are a part of something.  I’d say it’s a mixture of both, but also it’s more a than b.  Paranoia seems to run rampant through our culture today.  Well, I blame Unsolved Mysteries and Lifetime Movie Network for that.  You can’t even look at a stranger without thinking “What is his agenda?  Killing me?  Robbing me?  Or just saying hi?” in today’s world.  All the negative media out there makes people a little nuts.

It’s not just that these people are being fed lines of bullshit and they’re taking it hook, line and sinker, it’s the fact they are smug assholes about it, too.

“Oh, you don’t cloth diaper your child?  Huh. Well, we can’t accept you into our cool parent club” type of attitude.  “You don’t eat organic?  Do you even love your children?”

Bite me.  And get an education.

So, what do you do to set these weirdos straight? (I used to be one of these weirdos….then I got educated)

Take a look at this article here.  It’s How to Debunk False Beliefs Without Having it Backfire.  I will say, that recently I did do exactly what this article says and it still backfired with my librarian, but hey!  Maybe later she’ll think about it and maybe go research it for herself?  Nah.  She seems like the type of person who isn’t that……smart (we all know people like that) and will hold on to her silly ideas forever.  You could educate these people until you’re blue in the face and it will only make things worse with them.  They’ll accuse you of being a “shill” or a “sheep”, when in fact, they are the biggest sheep that ever lived.  The best plan for those people?  Talk about superficial things with them: their pets, their clothes, the weather, or their favorite subject: themselves.  These people LOVE to talk about themselves.  So change the subject to them and watch them happily comply.

But for other, more reasonable people, you can try that technique so you can maybe educate rather than piss them off and cement their beliefs further.  Also, direct people over on Facebook to great science pages such as A Science Enthusiast or Kavin Senapathy or Nurse Loves Farmer (or a billion others you can find off their pages).   There they (and you) can learn all sorts of neat REAL scientific info and blow their (and your) mind!

But if you get some dumbass like my librarian?  Just run for the hills.  Because bitches be crazy.  And ignorant bitches be UBER crazy!

Now, I need a shirt that says “Do you even science??”  Let me know if you want one.

I am off to go be annoying in real life, so have fun educating yer friends!



Why the World Thinks Unschoolers are Goofy

Well, because some are.

But other than that, the media likes to portray all unschooled kids as “oddballs” and “weirdos”.  They do this by finding the oddballs and weirdos and using them as the poster children for unschooling.

What is unschooling, you ask?  It’s living as if school doesn’t exist.  Our kids learn during everyday life as well as structured situations.  For the most part, everyday life comes first and the structured part of learning comes later (esp. as the kids enter high school).

But there are some kids out there who are oddballs no matter what kind of schooling they have.  And they normally wear goofy shit.

I know, I was one of them.

In college, I was totally goth. Now I am elderly and am totally “mom clothes”.  But back in the day, had I had an event to go to, I’d had dressed (and acted) appropriately.  Getting on stage, being on TV, having a reporter interview me or even a family photo, I’d have worn appropriate clothes.  But today, we have these “radical unschooling” idiot parents who think “let them wear whatever they want, 24/7!!”  So we end up with kids on Tedx Talks wearing knitted spiked hats and dressing like they are auditioning for the circus.  We have kids on Wife Swap doing Wiccan crystal spells and calling that “school” (well, if kids can read the bible for school then why the fuck not??!!) or have 10 year olds who can’t read.

The world sees unschoolers as WEIRDOS because the weirdest unschoolers are becoming the face of our style of schooling!  Don’t believe everything you see, people.  And only half of what you hear.  These doorknobs are NOT representative of the rest of us.  And most of us are unschoolers while those fucktards are a sub-sect called “radical unschoolers” (they are the Westboro to our Baptist church—though we aren’t a religion–even though some radical idiots might act as though it is). They are the crazies, the “radicals” (hence their self-given name), the extremists.  They take unschooling and apply the idea to their kids’ lives (aka-neglect).  “No rules for ANYTHING!” So their kids can grow up to be entitled monsters who don’t give a fuck about anything because they’ve had to before (instead, they are spoiled to the core and have all of their whims met, ALL THE TIME).

And it’s not just what they wear or how they act, but if you go to a homeschool co-op, you can always pick out the unschooled ones (well, not all of them, but you can tell which kids are) by the ones who don’t comb their hair or have clean clothes on.  I.  AM.  NOT.  JOKING.  We’ve been a part of the homeschooling community in our town for around 11 years and this has been true for every single unschooler we’ve ever met.  Even though we are unschoolers, we get along better with traditionally homeschooled kids because most of the ones that are unschooled are either a. perfect and snobby (and normally their parents have some kind of beef with the real world so they are so totally “organic” and shit) or b. unwashed little uncombed heathens or c. kids who are running around with pants on their head  and socks on their hands (and they’re 15).

Hmmm, so if that’s true, maybe I need to reevaluate the point of this blog post?  Maybe the reason the world thinks our style of schooling is creating oddballs because maybe it is??  Huh.  Well, then.  I need a new name for what my family goes and distance ourselves from the snobby ass unschooling community and the insane ass unschooling community.

We are unschoolers, but my kids have haircuts (truth be told, my oldest had long hair up until a few months ago….like really, really long hair), have regular dude clothes (though my youngest has the style of Amos Lee on the cover of Supply and Demand when it comes to wearing dress clothes), and know how to interact with actual human beings without snobbery or weirdness (like this kid) and you’d never know they were unschooled (no telltale signs, though everyone guesses they are homeschooled…..mainly due to the difference in being able to carry on conversations with adults and whatnot).


Now, I need to find a new name for what we are.  My oldest is graduating next month and my youngest is in 8th/9th grade (traditional school would place him in 8th because of his birthday).  I think I’ll steer clear of the “unschooling” title from now on.

We’ll see.  But for now, go on be weirdos, unschoolers.  And snobs (if you haven’t joined any uschooling groups on Facebook, do so, just so you can see all the assholes in those groups).


Tell me again, why did I even write this blog?  *sigh*

Mackelmore is a White Supremacist

HA! Just kidding!  Made you click!

But still, he is….something.  His latest song on his new album “The Unruly Mess I Made” called “White Privilege II” is just pissing me the fuck off.

Yes, I am white.  And yes, I like Mackelmore.  And no, I do mostly do not listen to gangsta rap.  This isn’t white privilege or racism.  Because I do love rap music, but I mainly feel there has been a HUGE nosedive in the quality of rap music since Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg got elderly and moved into a nursing home for old rap artists called “Titties and Weed”.  Take Drake for example.  A Canadian doucheball who can’t dance or sing or rap, and yet he’s out there killing it in record sales.

And this makes me ask the ultimate question: what in the holy fuck is wrong with this world?  And if Macklemore wants to bitch about Miley and Iggy ripping off black music, then what is Drake doing?  He’s a dark skinned man guy from CANADA.  What the fuck kind of ghetto does CANADA have?  What kind of street thugs do they have?? NONE.  THEY ARE ALL TOO FUCKING NICE TO ONE ANOTHER UP THERE!

Here is an actual conversation Drake had with a guy on the street last week: “Excuse me sir, I think you made a disparaging comment about my respected lady friend here, eh.”  “Oh sorry, kind sir, I must apologize.  I was not referring to your respected lady friend, I was referring to Macklemore’s new song about White Privilege.  It’s quite the foot stomper! Eh.”  Then they hugged and became BFFs.  TRUE.  STORY.

So back to the fact that I am white and my two favorite male rap artists are Macklemore and Eminem.  I love them both for two totally different reasons:  M because he raps about fun stuff that I relate to (like thrift shopping because THAT IS MY LIFE!), and he raps about socially conscious stuff I (usually) relate to (read: not this stupid song I am bitching about here).  E because he makes me angries.  And when I am angries, I listen to his music and it makes me MORE angries and I love it and it releases that anger so I can let it go.  Because sometimes, I want to scream FUCK THE FUCKING WORLD!  And E lets me do that by listening to his music.  Thank you Eminem!  I relate to your struggle.  I relate to having a kooky mom who is insane and abusive.  I relate to being poor white trash.  I relate to living in Detroit!  Just kidding.  I grew up with a golfcourse as my front yard (oh no, white privilege!–but in reality, we were po as shit).

I do NOT relate to Drake’s hotline that blings.  WHAT THE FUCK IS A HOTLINE THAT BLINGS??  SPEAK ENGLISH YOU CANADIAN WEIRDO!!  If Bieber can manage it, you can too.  But maybe Bieber has a US English committee that works for him and teaches him the proper things to say when he’s singing songs.  Drake just has a dude that writes his music that says “Oh yeah, let’s make a song about a hotline that blings, eh?”  He replies “Oh yeah, that’s a really wonderful idea, eh.  You are super smart!”  Fucking complimentary Canadians. He didn’t even have the heart to tell him that the song idea sucks.  He just sang it anyways, because Canadians are incapable of hurting anyone’s feelings.  It’s in their DNA.

Yet, I DO NOT need to relate to an artist in order to like them.  I love Nicki Minaj, and I do not relate starships that fly or to a guy wearing a thing on his eye.  But I can sometimes, if I know the words, rap to that song and sound a tad like her.  Is that racist?  If I got some balls and became a rap artist who sounded like Nicki, would I be stealing her culture?  What about if I learned to speak Spanish and used a really good accent?  What if I learned to sing Spanish in a great Spanish accent?  Would I be using my white privilege to make money?  Would I need to apologize to Mexicans and Cubans and Puerto Ricans?  Macklemore would probably think so.  And then he’d add me into the song “White Privilege III”.  Because he seems to love accusing people of stealing other race’s cultures!  Yay!

In his song, he refers to Elvis, too.  Was Elvis a fucking dick (maybe?) who did that on purpose because he thought “I will make so much money at this!”  Or did he steal moves and ways of singing from black culture because he loved it?  He did live in Memphis in the 1950’s.  I am sure he hung around a LOT of different races at various times in his life.  That didn’t make him privileged.  That made him smart.

Dear Mack (I am tired of writing your whole name), do you think the lead singer Corey Glover of Living Colour was stealing white culture when he’d head bang his gorgeous long hair and singing “Cult of Personality”?  He sang metal music.  And he was black.  I dare you to close your eyes and listen to him and hear his race.  Then I dare you to you do the same for Iggy.  Did Darius Rucker steal white culture when he turned country and put on a fake southern accent?  Shit, Darius always sounded white.  I dare you to close your eyes and listen to Hootie and tell me what you hear.

It’s songs like Mackelmore’s that is CREATING exactly what he’s bitching about.  By being white and bitching about being white, you’re using your fucking privilege to do so.  Not only that, but it’s creating a huge issue where there isn’t one.  YOU, sir, are creating more rifts where instead we need to close them.

And instead, Iggy is creating unification by being a white (partially Aboriginal) Australian recreating Southern Rap by imitating their style.  Because: people who grow out of their own race and their own culture to explore the culture and race of others are not only brave, but pioneers.  And on the contrary, when you’re a little white dude rapping about thrift stores and mopeds and then you go on some song rant about young black men dying at the hands of cops, how are you helping anything?  You aren’t being a pioneer.  You’re being an armchair activist.  You’re being a little bitch.  You’re picking on people, for what??  You don’t approve of Iggy’s accent?  Well boo hoo, Mack.  Boo fucking woo.  What does that matter?  You aren’t the king of rap music.  You don’t get to say who’s relevant and who isn’t.  The FANS do.  And the fans have spoken: Iggy has brought a type of rap music into the spotlight that most young people haven’t heard before.  She’s keeping that shit alive.  I don’t like all her music. Hell, I only like a few of her songs, but for real, Mack, get with the program.  STOP PULLING THE RACE CARD.

When Living Colour takes the stage or performs at a venue, who do you think their audience is?  Who?  Here, let me link a video, and you tell me how many black people are in the audience (that dude can SHRED on guitar!!).  They went into their genre KNOWING that 99% of their fans would be white.  And that?  That takes some fucking balls!.  They were pioneers in a genre that used to ONLY be hairy white dudes.  They didn’t steal our culture.  Hell fucking no!  They took that culture and ripped it apart and showed us they had a place in our music.  They showed us there really was NO “our” music.  Instead they showed us that music is for the people, and by the people, and not for specific races.  You can rap like Dr. Dre and be white, you can sing country music and be black, and you SHRED at metal music and also be black.  You can be a talented southern rap artist and be from Australia.   You can sway your hips and sing the blues and be a white guy from Memphis.  STOP SAYING THERE IS A FUCKING LINE THAT A PERSON OF ANY RACE CANNOT CROSS IN MUSIC!  Because, motherfucker, everyone has already proved you wrong.  You think because you rap like a white guy that you are immune to your own rant?  Or is your point that you do belong in it? That you feel guilty?  If so, shut the fuck up.  “I am a rich person who raps and makes videos and now I am going to cry about it and feel guilty because I am white.”  Oh wait, did I just get your song?  Are you making a point that being a little white bitch boy crying about white privilege IS white privilege????  Oh wow.  If so, bravo.  If not, well, I made my point here.

I will add one last thing, keep on bitching about others stepping out of their own cultures and expanding others’ cultures by doing so, and let’s see how anyone will care when they are still touring and your CD’s…..will only be bought at the thrift shop…….




Let’s Get Real: I am not “empathic”, I am abused….

I used to think I had magical powers.  That somehow, my ability to read someone’s “feelings” were some sort of ESP or whatnot.  I felt very secure in this line of thinking.  Even used it as a basis for my 26 years of reading the tarot.  Hell, I built a business around it.

That is, until one day, I decided to join some atheist groups and Facebook pages.

I then became….bitchslapped.

I learned so much, during my short stint on those pages and in those groups.  I learned about psychology.  About science.  About all sorts of shit I was ignorant of.  This led me to do more sleuthing and information gathering on all the things I thought I once “knew”.  And it taught me how to question things that I once accepted as fact:

At the time, I “knew”:

  • GMOs were bad.  (turns out, they aren’t in the least)
  • Vaccines should be up the parent (turns out, they should be mandatory)
  • Breast is best! (turns out, bottle fed babies have no more issues than breastfed ones, so this one should be a choice the mother makes, unless she is on drugs)
  • Black cats are tortured around Halloween, so keep them indoors! (turns out, black cats have no more chance of being tortured on any holiday more than any other color cat, according to the ASPCA)
  • That I was psychic (turns out, I have OCD and I have residual effects from childhood abuse)

If you find someone who says “I am empathic!” (which is a cool catchphrase for those who feel an enormous amount of empathy for others, including feeling how others feel), look into their past and I guarantee you will find a person who was abused as a child, most likely by a narcissistic parent.

My “abilities” go as far as being able to read others’ thoughts.  And it’s true, I can at times.  That whole “I know what you’re thinking” saying goes into hyperdrive when it pertains me.  Which is why I just knew I was psychic!!

But this “ability” is nothing more than years, upon years, upon years of “training” by the abuser (usually a parent).  And they don’t even realize they are training you.  You NEED to be able to read your abuser so you can survive.  “If I know what she’s thinking, I can anticipate her actions and stay out of her way or do something that makes her happy.”  We might not even go as far to think that specific type of thing, but at a base level, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We, the abused, are always thinking and wondering “What will come next?  How can I combat this from happening again?”  We then become adept at learning body signals, verbal cues, anything that will help us navigate the rocky terrain which is our life with the abuser.  We become masters.  We become experts.  We know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em, when to walk away, and so definitely when to run like hell.

Although the “run like hell” issue becomes dormant when we meet someone we wish to date or marry who is also an abuser.  Somehow we go dumb, forget all we’ve learned, and start over again.  But, going through it again, we learn even more.  We become even better at reading people.  Better at anticipating others’ feelings.  Our “expert” status becomes beyond having a PhD in people.  We become gods.

But ask us if we realize our abusers are abusing us?  Now THAT is something we are fucking stupid about.  We will sit and take it, run away, then come back for more!  We can’t get enough.  We crave it.

Not really, we’re just seeking approval.  But it looks to others like we crave the abuse.  Though, some of us do.  It’s all we know.  We’re broken and the only thing we “get” is being hurt.  It doesn’t meant we can’t be fixed, it just means we have to work harder.  It’s like an addiction.

Some people have an addiction to painkillers.  And some of us have an addiction to pain.

To know my “abilities”, that for so long made up my identity, are just residual effects of abuse?  It should somehow bring me closure.  Or at least some comfort, right?  But instead, I am left with “Well, who the fuck am I then?”  Who am I without the mysticism?  Who am I without the new age bullshit?  Who am I without my tarot?  People came to me for answers for 26 years, and was I lying to them the whole time?  I wasn’t.  Not intentionally.  But still.  I did help them.

Psychic or not, my abuse put me in tune with the human condition like nothing else ever could.  You can’t learn this shit from a book.  You live it.  You become it.  And this effect, this “hyper awareness of how others are feeling”, while it isn’t ESP, it’s not something to dismiss either.

And this question remains: “Does it HAVE to be ESP in order for it to be valid?”

And the short answer is: No.  Of course not.

What makes my “ability” any less significant just because it’s not flighty, new-age bullshit?  Nothing.  That’s what.  My deep empathy for other humans (and life itself in general) doesn’t need to be paranormal for it to be valid.  So why can’t I still read the tarot?  It doesn’t have to be ESP for it to work. HENCE the fact I did it or 26 years with an almost 100% satisfaction rate without any psychic ability at all.

So, I am going to pick it back up, and try again. And this time, with the understanding, I am not fucking psychic.  I am just awesome 🙂

I think we should rethink our ideas of ESP and realize that most of us are just performing “cold readings”.  Read more about that on the google.  And I will go take a nap.


Later skaters.  And stop pretending to be psychic!




Tuesday’s Guide to Not Being a Dick on the Internet

People really piss me off.  People in real life piss me off.  People online piss me off even more.  I think you know what I am talking about.

The problem with people today is selfishness. And out of that selfishness comes the idea that you think you have to open your mouth (or type your thoughts) into every little thing that comes up.  The whole “People NEED to Know What I am Thinking Right Now!!!” Syndrome.   Guess what, idiots?  They don’t.  Nobody does.

If someone says something online that you don’t agree with or that you don’t do (like someone says “I do this!” and you think “I don’t do that”, keep your fucking mouth shut.  Because nobody cares.  The only thing that you’re doing, is disrupting that person’s thoughts or question by inserting yourself into their conversation.  And who the fuck do you think you are?

You think you’re so important that your words always matter.  You feel like you are entitled to say your opinion, even when it doesn’t have anything to do with what someone is asking.  The keyword here is “entitled”.  That’s what’s wrong with us today.  We are all entitled assholes and feel nothing that resembles humility or being humble.

And I am just as guilty of this as you are.

It’s a bad habit.  It’s a way of thinking.  A way of acting.  We aren’t even aware we are doing it sometimes.  And other times, we just don’t give a shit.

Let me give you a piece of advice:


None of us are.  While the world wants us all to believe we are special gifts of Jebus, in reality we are just fellow pieces of bacteria, all trying to make it in the world.  You aren’t more special than me, nor I more than you.  We are equal.  Granted, I like to feel superior over people that are total morons, but our opinions?  They don’t mean jack shit.

Human life is special.

Human opinions are retarded.

If I ask people online, together as a whole, something such as:

“Do you guys know if there are any male centered style (insert thing here) that I can take a look at?”

And your fucking answer is “Male and female ones aren’t much different” or some other idiotic opinion that is NOT an actual answer to my question???  Shut the fuck up.  For real.  Just shut up.  I didn’t ask your fucking opinion, now did I?  I asked if you know of any.  And if your answer is NO, then why don’t your try something new and say nothing???  Oh yeah, now that’s a new concept, now isn’t it??  Keeping quiet?  If your answer is “no” to anything at all, TRY SAYING NOTHING.  NADA.  ZILCH.  My question is for people who WOULD know what I am talking about.  This isn’t a fucking conversation starter, this is a QUESTION.  With a CONCRETE answer.  The ONLY answers I want to see are “Yes, here is an example.”  That IS IT.

But for some reason, whenever I ask ANY GODDAMNED question online, it becomes a fucking debate.  It becomes a conversation piece.  And not one idiot will actually answer what I asked. NOT ONE.  I will then delete said question and start over.  And it never ends.

Not everyone gives a flying rat’s ass about your stupid opinion.  Actually, nobody does.  If a question is asked, and you don’t know the answer or don’t agree with the question?  Shut.  The.  Fuck.  Up.  Just move on to the next thing to read.  Can you do that?  I am sure going to try.   Because I will practice what I preach and I will BE THE CHANGE I WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.  That’s a real-world application to a fucking smart piece of advice.

I am not one of those people who demand the world changes for me and yet I will still keep on doing the same thing I am asking others to stop doing.  That’s just arrogant.  Instead, I will back up my shit up by practicing what I am preaching.  Why don’t you try that, too?  We all can use that kind of advice in our lives.  Be the goddamned change you wish to see in the world.  And I wish you’d all be fucking humble with your words and keep your trap shuts when you have NOTHING to actually add to a conversation.  And I will do the same.

Now, go have a happy fucking Christmas (or whatever holiday you want to) and be a humble piece of shit instead of an opinionated piece of shit.  Now THAT would be a fucking holiday miracle.  Be that miracle.  And watch how much you change things, including your own life.


Later skaters.  Go humble that shit up.



Why I Am Pro-Abortion

Oh yeah.  I told your asses I am a liberal cat lady.  And this blog will prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt!

I.  Am.  Pro.  Abortion.

Today a popular feminist (which I don’t really surf feminist pages) Facebook page posted about “nobody is actually pro-abortion”.  I just stared at it for a moment and raised my hand: “I am”.  There is a popular (and uber duber politically correct safe) way of thinking that you can certainly be pro-choice but NOBODY is pro-abortion.  That’s just silly.  And sick.  And unhuman.  Right??

I would like you all to know something: you can believe abortions are okay for others and not for yourself, that doesn’t mean you’re not no pro-abortion.  I, myself, have never had one, and only once thought about having one (but I wasn’t even pregnant).  And, barring medical reasons, I’d never get one (most likely because I have an IUD and won’t get pregnant, but that’s besides the point).  But I am still pro-abortion.

“But, liberal cat lady, what if bitches use them as a form of birth control?”

What the fuck do I care?  I mean, if you’re getting more abortions than you are changing you’re underwear, then you probably shouldn’t be a parent anyways, so good.  Do the world a favor:  Keep on getting them.

“But liberal cat lady, why can’t they just get an IUD like you or use other birth control?”

I don’t know and I don’t give a fuck.  I don’t live in their bodies.  I am not their doctor.  Let them be.

“But liberal cat lady, shouldn’t the father of the baby be asked first before getting an abortion?”

Only if you really love the guy and want to keep him and you’re ready to have family with him.  If not, then no.  It’ none of his business.  I will explain why:

A fetus is not a baby.  And pregnancy is a medical condition.  And no other human has the right to tell you that you cannot cure a medical condition as long as you have the insurance (or in this case, the money) to pay for it.  That’s not a man’s child in your womb, that’s his sperm mixed with your egg that decided to get together and create some cells.  That’s it.  So why would a man get to tell a woman she can’t get his sperm-induced cells out of her body?  A potential for human life is NOT human life.  It just isn’t. I wish people would stop confusing the two.

I know, I know, this will piss off the lot of you.  Especially if you’re religious.  But people, listen.  A fetus has the potential to be a baby, but it just plain isn’t one.  How many people do you see getting fetus baby clothes or getting fetus sized bottles to feed their newborn fetuses?  (cuz that fetus ain’t going to suck on any nipples, people….nobody has nips that little)  How many fetus sized strollers do you see?  Oh no, instead you can just slip that fetus into your pocket for an afternoon stroll in the park.  You know why you don’t see these things?  Cause A FETUS IS NOT A BABY.  Having a teeny tiny fetus baby, my friends, is called a miscarriage.  OR a spontaneous abortion, as the doctors say.  It isn’t birth.

A baby is a baby who can survive outside the womb.  Granted, as long as the baby is still all up in ya, it’s medically considered a fetus, but bear with me with my distinction between the two.

For the first few days of pregnancy, it’s called a “zygote”.  Which is a one-celled organism from a fertilized egg.  Then it keeps on dividing into more cells, which by day 5 is a “blastocyst”.  THEN at 8 weeks it’s called an “embryo”.  When it’s an embryo, it’s finally implanted into the uterine wall.  At about nine weeks, THEN it’s finally called a fetus.  Some get an abortion before the 9 weeks when it’s just a clumpy mass of cells and isn’t even a fetus yet.  And even after that, the fetus isn’t viable outside of the womb, and therefore might have the potential to grow into a baby, but still isn’t one.

(Now, yes, there are late term abortions, and those are a different story that I will not address here.)

But, for those of you who believe life begins at conception, did you know that researchers have found that around SIXTY PERCENT of fertilized eggs are lost due to not implanting properly into the uterine wall?  So our bodies naturally reject 60% of life on earth.  SIXTY PERCENT.  Think about THAT in relation to the amount of abortions people have.  More potential life is lost NATURALLY than by choice.  And that’s not just certain women, but ALL WOMEN.

But let’s put the idea of all this baby talk on the back burner for a moment and concentrate on what’s the real-deal:

Women need access to HEALTHY, SAFE, and CLEAN abortions.  Abortions, if made illegal, will never stop.  There will ALWAYS be abortions.  The only thing that will change will be where a woman gets one: on her kitchen table with a coat hanger, or in a sterile office as a medical procedure.

Making them illegal will NOT SAVE BABIES.   Granted, they aren’t babies, but all the kooks out there who think they know better for a particular woman’s body than they do think they are babies even when the little zygotian things look like aliens.

“Aww, Tammie, your fetus is so cute!”

“Right?  It doesn’t even have a sex yet and looks like a seahorse, but dang if it’s not the cutest thing earth!”

Guess what?  Humans are overpopulating this earth.  Eventually, there will be not enough food nor space to house us all.  AND also guess what?  When Roe v Wade happened, there was a drop in crime years later when those unwanted children would have grown up to commit crimes (cause unwanted children usually are the ones who commit crimes).  Check out Freakonomics for those stats.  The math says it all.

All those pro-lifers are liars, too.  They are not pro-life.  They are pro-fetus.  Cause once those little unwanted children are born then POOF!  Pro-life conservatives are NOT about giving those kids welfare or even giving two shits about how they get fed.  They just want them BORN.  But fuck em once they’re out of the vagina!  Why?  I don’t get it.  It makes no sense.

Conservatives have a love affair with the fetus that I just don’t understand.

Pro-choice IS pro-abortion, people.  I am sorry to have to break it to you like this.  If you believe that abortion is okay, then you are pro-abortion.  I will take it one step further, for myself, and say I am pro-abortion because I honestly believe that an unwanted child should not be forced to be born.

Oh my…did I just say that out loud?

I did.  And I am adopted.

Should I have been born?  Well, yes.  Because I was.  And I do believe adoption is a great thing.  It’s a wonderful thing.  BUT there are not that many mothers out there who can give up their babies willingly and be okay with that.

And we cannot expect them to. 

Adoption should NEVER be pushed upon a mother who wants an abortion.  NEVER.  Adoption is a gut-wrenching, and life-changing act.  It’s a HUGE trauma on both mother and child.  Whereas a medical procedure like abortion should not have to be.  It’s a 10 minute procedure to cure a medical condition.  And the earlier you get it done, the better.  So if abortion is something a mother wants?  Let her do it as quickly as she can.  The longer she waits, the harder it is on the body and the mind.  All that time you’re wanting to talk her into adoption, and she choose abortion anyways?  She could have already had it done with.

Abortion is nothing to be ashamed of, either.  If you get a knee-replacement or a cyst removed, would you be tormented over it?  No.  And neither should abortion be made out to make a woman feel bad about it either.  It’s a medical procedure.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Bertha.  God gave you that knee.  You were born with it.  Just because it doesn’t work anymore, doesn’t mean you get to throw it away like trash and then get a new non-god made one! Shame on you!” 

Imagine THAT conversation with grandma…..

I am not the only person who feels this way either.  PZ Meyers in his book “The Happy Atheist” talks about how he’s pro-abortion as well.  And this wonderfully written article on Salon about 10 Reasons Why We Must Support The Procedure and the Choice by Valerie Tarico brings up AMAZING points why abortion is something that is good for our existence as humans and women.

My favorite points are the fact that having less children keeps you from being poor as hell, and that mature parents who are ready to take care of children should be the ones having kids, not the kids having kids or the drug addicts or anyone else who can’t properly take care of them (not her words, but my take on them).  Her article is WAY better written than this dumbass blog post and way more thought out, so read it!!  (and this blog post is stupid and comes out of my ADHD, sleep-deprived brain.)

I am tired.  I am going to take my god-given narcoleptic ass to bed and stop typing now.  But you get what I am trying to say here.  You don’t have to agree with me.  We all know I am crazy.  But I am trying to make a good point.  And hopefully a point that others understand and maybe partially agree with.  We need to stop saying that “nobody is pro-abortion” because that’s a lie.  Many of us are.  Some of us freely admit it.  Some are ashamed of it.  And some don’t even know it yet.  But we exist.  And eventually, abortion can be seen as a medical choice and not a moral one.  Because that’s way it should be.

Goodnight, fellow humans.  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite.  (for real, get some spray and exterminator if you have bed bugs because that shit is NASTY)

Being “Bohemian” is a Fake Ideal

You see all these posts online about “being bohemian” and “free”.  But the truth is, that ideal isn’t actually achievable.  Being a “hippy” is more of a look, than it is a lifestyle.  Because the REAL lifestyle of a hippie/wanderer/bohemian/etc. isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Real life hippies back in the 60’s were all about peace.  And acid.  And LSD.  And mary jane.  It was more of a drug-induced state of mind than an ideal to live up to.  The only TRUE hippies I’ve ever actually seen are Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.  They strove for peace and kindness without drugs (as far as I know).  AND they actually did something an never stopped doing it until the day they died.  The 60’s hippies outgrew their “style” because they grew up and wanted to be “real adults”.

Being “bohemian” is just a stupid word for “kind of being like a hippie, like dressing like one, and acting like I am a free soul, but not really”.  But in reality it means: “I have a messy house, a messy yard, and probably do a little bit of drugs and maybe drink a little too much, and I don’t live by society’s rules of actually providing for my family, instead I run around like a child with no cares in the world and I am free with my body and so forth and whatnot.  I just need an excuse to be manic.  Maybe I should take my meds?”

Or it could mean “I dress like a hippie, but I hold down a 9-5 job when I am not dressing like a hippie”.  Or “I work in a coffee house and I am actually a hipster”.

We look at the bohemian style in magazines or memes or whatever, but 99% of the people who actually live this way have problems.  Like BIG problems.  Like “unable to pay my rent because I can’t hold down a job” problems.  “I can hold down a job because I smoke too much weed or won’t take my bipolar meds” problems.

I am being facetious here.  But there is a truth to what I am saying.  I have met PLENTY of “free souls” in my life and every single one of them has mental stability issues.  You can’t be all “Yeah man, I am like so totally free” and shit, and not either be doing drugs or are on planet “woo woo” in your head.  It’s just not feasible.  

Granted, some are young people who are ecologically inclined and “green” and all that, and wear hippie stuff, BUT they really aren’t bohemian.  They are planet savers.  But then we have people who use flowery words to generate followers (either online or off) like “Soul Delicious” and “Holding Space” who are just hiding the truth from themselves and from you: that they are effing crazy.  “I want to look like I know what I am talking about but in reality, I have no fucking clue what I am doing, but I am driven by my mental illness to keep this charade up” is really what they are saying.  

Anyone who uses these “new age” terms is probably insane.  If you ever come across of of these people: run.  Run as fast as you can in the other direction.  

Bohemian people are fun to look at, but kind of like animals in a zoo: don’t bring them home, because they will ruin your house, your life, and your checking account. 

So, what I am trying to say here, is that whole “bohemian” lifestyle that magazines try to sell you isn’t a real ideal to strive for.  It’s totally fake.  Because what YOU think it looks it, and what it really is, are two TOTALLY different things.  

Remember that.  But go ahead and put on your flowy skirt and your peasant top, but the buck stops there.  Don’t go searching out REAL bohemians, because you might be put off by the track marks on their arms and the amount of money they borrow from you.  

Why I Find Racist Memes Funny

Or also known as “Why Racism is Funny”.

Okay, so I am not a racist.  And I don’t actually find racism funny.  I find stereotyping memes funny.  Actual racism isn’t funny in the least.  But stereotyping isn’t, in my opinion, actual racism, because it takes the best and funniest parts about being different and pokes fun at them.  Racism is mean to hurt and control.  Stereotyping memes, when used by non-racist people, are fucking hilarious.

Today we use stereotypes as a way to break the proverbial ice and open ourselves up for discussion.

Although there are a select few ding-a-lings out there who get all butthurt when they see these memes, even though it’s not truly racism (unless you know the person who’s posting them is a dick racist).  I still want to smack these babies and tell them “Get a fucking sense of humor!”  The more we can laugh at ourselves and each other, the better off this world is.  And memes are the best way to do this without being a douche.

Here are some stereotypes and accompanying memes to go with them that I find quite hilarious:

Black people eat watermelon.

(So do I, and I am not black…….but may I really am??)

finally-synthetic-watermelon this-is-my-watermelon-there-are-many-like-it-but-this-one-is-mine waterbama watermelon 2 watermelon

Asians eat dogs.

(Truth!! There are restaurants where they eat dog penis and raise dogs just to eat them in Bejing and other places in China!)


White people are rednecks.

(Rednecks really do exist.  There are special zoos called trailer parks you can visit to see them live in action! And they are all free and every city has one!  Visit your local trailer park today!)

fbz_2b4d38306a4a05c2a171dc35b9cf6705 Funniest_Memes_redneck-murders-are-hard-to-solve_4076 Funny-Redneck-47 funny-redneck-weekend1 images Redneck_f45780_916078 redneck-meme-tumblr-i10 redneck-party-nailed-it-

Australians ride kangaroos bareback.

(Okay, I made that one up, BUT I think I will make a meme of this and spread it around and see if it catches on!)

Black people like Kool-aid and fried chicken.

(Hot damn, so do I! Maybe I really am black?)

Why+are+black+people+always+eating+kool+aid+and+fried+chicken+_fe93468fe59fb7afab68571dc991fb5f thanks-mom-but-you-forgot-the-kool-aidno kool aid

Asians have squinty eyes.

(Um….have you seen them? Their eye structure is different than anyone else’s. Though it’s not funny to look at them, because they look normal, but when you SAY it, it’s funnier.)

funny-asian-face-kid-386x528 go-home-stoned-eyes-give-nothing-away post-49836-ever-talk-to-someone-so-stupid-z36Yimpossibru

Black girls have big butts.

(I blame this on Sir Mix A Lot.  He’s the one who started this one. And then there’s Nicki Minaj who’s making this stereotype more true.)

nicki-minaj-booty-butt-anaconda-instagram-meme-4__oPt HUGE asses sniff big buttsyoda big butts

White people don’t have rhythm.

(I do!  See???  I AM NOT REALLY WHITE!)

white people can't dance white people dance 2 white people dance white-people-dancing-1

Black people are good at basketball.

(Good! Because not as many whites are, and we need SOMEONE to play, right?)

blackguyproblems-basketball number 25

Asians are geniuses.

(This has to do with their work ethic, BUT my son has a Korean friend who really is a genius.  Soooooo……is this even really a stereotype?  Or is this just an amazing TRUTH???!!!)

gpa not my son 5af0640a1ad80c4072f33302cc788b26

All maids are Mexican. 

(This one is perpetrated by the TV industry.  EVERY SINGLE maid you see is hispanic.  So then the hotel industry follows suit.  They need to start employing Asians, blacks and whites and then we can wipe out this stereotype forever!)

mexican maid

Mexicans no speak good English.  Asians no speaka good Engrish.

(C’mon…that’s funny!  Really now….I mean, I am sure they make fun of white people all the damn time.  In fact, I know they do.  I’ve been there when they do.  I’d like to see a white person try to speak Chinese and I guarantee you all the people that hear them will be laughing their asses off at them LOL Mispronunciations are just funny, no matter who we are.)

Funniest_Memes_the-spanish-word-of-the-day-is_1680mexcianmexican 2mexican 3mexican 4mexican 5impossibru

Asians know kung fu.

(Well the Asians that know kung fu sure know it better than the whites that do!  Why?  Kung fu is Asian originated…..Shaolin monks perhaps? And they are BADASSES.  How many white Shaolin monks do you know? NONE!  THAT’S HOW MANY!  Check and mate.  Or Coffee and mate.  Whatever.)

kung-fu-then-math kung fu1 i-knoq-kung-fu-you-dont-believe-meh-im-asian-convinced soccer level asian

Black dudes have big dicks.

(What MAN would not WANT everyone to think they have a big wang? I mean, that’s the biggest compliment and man can get!  This isn’t’ a stereotype people, this is a gift.)

big dicks 2big dicksreturn-of-the-succesful-black-guy_o_2694445

All white people are racist.

(Well, most rednecks and Republicans are.  So there.)

23379296 white privledgeracist 2 racist 3 racist 4 racist 5 racist 6 racist 7 racist

Americans are fat and lazy.

(Actually, Americans are racist, entitled, overweight, lazy, AND sexually addicted.  Get it right people!!)

lazy americanlazy american2lazy american3lazy american4meanwhile_in_america_has_to_offer_640_29Meanwhile-In-America 3meanwhile-in-americameanwhile-in-america-meme-191euro_vs_america

Mexicans are lazy and illegal.

(Well, a shit ton of them are illegal.  But ask yourself what they are running from?  Poverty?  Horrible crime?  Cockroaches the size of your cat?  Mexico ain’t pretty, y’all.  It’s destitute and people are starving.  Take the poorest white area in the US and you’ll see the nicest area in Mexico.  As for being lazy, who the fuck do you think will pick your beans and mow your lawn?  White people?  Errrrrhhh.  Nope.  Wrong.  A Mexican, that’s who.  They do the work no American wants to do and for little pay.  White people be lazy, y’all.  Who are the top CEO’s in businesses?  An eeeeensy bit of work for HUGE pay.  That’s a white people invention.  And I call that lazy.)


Arabs and Muslims are terrorists.

(White people are terrorists too!  But they don’t wear cool things on their heads when they terrorize.  I think that’s the diff here.  Maybe if white people wore bigger hats they’d get some press too, and then errbody be scared of any white person wearing a hat.)


English people have bad teeth.

(Have you SEEN Harry Potter?  This isn’t so much a stereotype.  I mean….maybe they just need more kids excited to become dentists over there??)

bad teeth big boned bad-teeth

French people are assholes.

(I have never met a French person, but supposedly my birthfather is French, which would make me half.  And I am an asshole.  Sooooooo maybe there is some truth to this?)


Jews are greedy.

(No.  Jews have good money management.  Get with the program people!)

greedy jew 2 greedy jew 3 greedy jew

Asians love math.

(I mean, who doesn’t?  Me, that’s who!  But if I am half French, maybe French people hate math?  Ever think of that?  No, you only think of yourselves and how much you love math because you’re Asian!)

asians love math asians love math1 asians love math2 asians love math3 asians love math4 asians love math5 asians love math6

Irish people are drunks.

(Have you seen how many pubs they have? There is a reason “Irish” is usually followed by the word “pub”.  Next question.)

irish 3 irish drunk irish5 irish4 Irish3 irish2 irish

Blondes are dumb.

(My cousin is blonde.  My cousin is dumb.  So therefore this stereotype is real.  So there.)

Dumb_77c6b5_1484277 NEED FOR SPEED blonde joke dumb_blonde_jokes_are_the_best-507502 blonde joke 3 blonde joke 2 11182289 908b673403d441c2ffe2a39b7a94ababf7cba05b8828b3063229b17f2f32d5b7

Women are dumb.

(No, we just play dumb so men do more stuff for us.  So in actuality, we are brilliant.  Unless we are blonde. See above.)


Men are always horny.


im-horny_o_883550 guys 3696182

So…when someone posts memes that are stereotyping?  They are fucking hilarious.  Why?  Because they are partially based on enough truth so we can nod our heads and say “Oh yeah!  They sooooo totally do that!” Even if not all of them, or even most of who they are making fun of do what the meme says.  That’s what makes it funnier.  It wouldn’t be funny if everyone on earth fit into that meme.  It would just be a universal truth.

Until we can laugh at racism, we can’t have open discussions about it.  Everyone is so scared to bring up racial topics with someone of the opposite race.  But if we can use memes to discuss things, then so be it.

And here is my all time favorite stereotyping meme:

OH you go little fat Asian boy! You make all the leopard pants you want!!