Errrbody’s Making Money…..

I cannot describe just how pissed off it makes me to see dumbass people “licensing” other dumbass people to do something the first dumbass made up.

“Hey, pay me oodles of money you don’t have so I can license you to be a facilitator of something I made up entirely in my head!!”


Seriously, people.  GET A BRAIN.  Do not fall for the snake oil salesman at your door….promising you you’ll make oodles of money if you just become licensed and then teach their made up bullshit on your own time.

I was once a dumbass.  I paid money to get lists of people who are owed money, who then I contacted to retrieve their money and they paid me a sum of said money.  Guess what?  I was 18, I was stupid, I fell for it, and didn’t make a penny.  I couldn’t actually contact 1 person…as I had to do the sleuthing for them, I only had their names.

Yup.  Even Avon……..I PAID to be a representative and guess how much makeup I sold?  Guess?  No really, just guess?  NOTHING.  NOBODY wanted it!  AND I owed their dumbasses money because of all the books I ordered and everything I needed to “start my own business”.  Not to mention their makeup is shit.

So now I see ChakraDance is licensing people for…..wait for it…….wait for it…….around $2,000.00 US dollars.  K.

For people with brains you can clearly see that all you have to do is get some “chakra music” (there are loads out there–even at your library), get a book or a free website to read on chakras and BAM start dancing.  NOT THAT HARD.  BUT…….you can totally get licensed and teach this thing a woman made up in her head….and probably make…NO MONEY!  You’ll be out $2,000.00 and they’ll be that much richer.

But they certainly aren’t the only ones.  Not at all.  This is not something new either….Avon’s been doing it since the dawn of time.  Its a grand MLM scheme (cause you get people under you and YOU make more money off of them! Yay!).

I just want to urge people to use their brains.  Don’t fall for something just because you think they sound “cool”……believe me, if you watch QVC enough, EVERYTHING will sound cool after a bit!  Just ask my mother 😉

Another thing that’s REALLY annoying all 1) all the “life coaches” and “business coaches” out there.  And the even worse things: 2) COACHES FOR COACHES!  WTF??  Pretty soon I’ll be starting my own “Business for coaching those who coach businesses”.  I’ll be a billionaire.  Why?  Cause you’ll pay for my shit, that’s why.  Morons.

Back in the day, people made money by ACTUALLY HAVING A LEGIT BUSINESS!  They didn’t need a freaking “coach” to do so…..yes, businesses fail all the time, but guess what?  Having a coach WILL NOT fix that!  If you fail, pick yourself up, move on and try something new.  That’s what Grandpa called “tenacity” and “getting shit done”.

Oh Grandpa, you were the REAL business coach in your day.  You didn’t have 25 year old naive girls trying to tell you how to fix your life and get paid for it back in your day either.  Its just shameful!

I used to have a business coach.  We traded coaching for my artistic services……I was her virtual assistant.  She was very lively, Australian, 25, and uber-chipper!  Yay!

She never listened to me, told me what to do when I said I didn’t want to do it that way.  Even once told me “If you can’t invest any money into your business, you will never succeed!” when I told her I could not afford a monthly website fee and mailchimp account.  I wanted to bitchslap her immature ass.  “I am sorry, I have 2 kids, 2 adults, pets and 1 income in my house…..and rent to pay, plus all my bills like heat, electric and internet……I am sorry if I am not rich enough for you.”  She supposedly understood, but then she kept giving me life advice and whatnot, but traveled in an RV, had no bills to pay (she lived on a ranch for free with her husband and kids and traded work for pay and housing), so she just didn’t really get it.  So then, showing her ‘oh so mature life coach behavior’ ran off with a camel trekker from the ranch (who happened to be married with kids there too) and got pregnant by him.  Then she had the nerve to get angry that her husband was angry with her for it.  Really?  Really, life coach, really?

One thing I like my life or business coaches to have is LIFE EXPERIENCE and a mature lifestyle.

Turns out, those people you pay good money to give you advice for your business or life?  They are just as fucked up, if not more, than the rest of the world.  But the difference is that you probably have a real job and they are just trying to live off of YOUR hard-earned money, and not practicing what they preach.

You want to make real money?  Come up with your OWN idea.  See a need and fill it.  Check out your local or country’s market, see what is lacking and fix it.  Do it yourself.  Don’t fucking license people to do your work…….just do it yourself.  Make fucking videos for those you can’t reach personally……you don’t see Denise Austin licensing someone to teach her form of exercise LOL  Well, unless she does, and in that case ignore this comment………

I just think this world is a bunch of mooches making up silly ideas and trying to sell it every chump they can.  Oh wait?  The world has always been like that?  Its just that now we have the internet to give these people a bigger platform?  Well geez.  I guess that’s just they way it is…..

YOU just have to be the smart person and rather than pay these assholes to teach you some BS, you just need to remember that you can more than likely find it for free online and then tweak it to your own and then do it yourself.

I am a Reiki practitioner.  And a Tarot reader.  There is NOT one way to do either of these things.  You can get attuned online for free as a Reiki practitioner (I did).  And you can do whatever you feel like with Tarot.  People like to impose rules and make “guilds” for such shit, but the reality is….you do NOT need to be trained by someone else to do either.  You can read books and get enough free help online (heck, I taught a beginner’s Tarot class for free on Facebook).  Anything worth doing, can usually be found for free….if you’re eager enough.

Even college (which is another scam and ripoff).  The world is one big ripoff…..and its up to use to change it.


STOP PAYING FOR IT!!!!  LEARN SHIT YOURSELF!  START YOUR OWN BUSINESSES!  HAVE ORIGINAL IDEAS!  You can do it.  You just have to want it enough.  And never give up.

Well, I am done ranting about the silliness of “licensing” and whatnot………but get it in your brains people: you don’t have to pay to do the things you love.

You just have to want to do them, and seek out alternate avenues to get there.

Till next time.

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