I just don’t get it……

People who are on welfare and are Republican.

What’s up with that?

How can you justify getting food stamps or medical card and be a Republican? Since 99% of the Repubs I know, are 100% against those things, I would assume that’s a standard Republican belief.

But the issue here is……I just don’t get the Republican way in general. These people are all for the death penalty YET don’t agree with abortion…..which makes absolutely NO sense to me at all. Which brings us back to the whole welfare thing: most Repubs do not agree with it. YET at the same time, they are against abortion. “We’d like these unwanted children to be born, but once they are out of the vagina, fuck ’em! Let ’em starve and get no medical care!”

I just don’t get it.

I wonder if my friend didn’t get welfare herself if she would agree with it? I bet not.

She also doesn’t think birth control should be a standard given to women in all medical care (as most Repubs also believe, as well). Okay….so let’s let everyone get pregnant and have MORE abortions….that makes sense. Its crazy…..birth control fixes the whole issue to begin with! Derrrrr…….

I just don’t get it.

Common sense is not strong with most Repubs . Its not their forte. I don’t mean to be mean, but…….okay, yes I do.

But c’mon! Look at these examples I’ve given above….which aren’t too many, but they are just representative of the rest of their beliefs.

Abraham Lincoln was a Repub. BUT back then, Republican was Democrat and vice versa AND the Republican party was actually born out of the anti-slavery movement. Sometime after the Civil War it started to change to the way it is today. So if today’s Republicans were in charge of this country back then? We’d probably still have slavery.

The other day I read that Palin (the smartest woman in the world!!–can you hear the sarcasticness in my tone?? its oozing out here…..) said about Syria “Let Allah sort it out”. Does the dingbat realize that 10-12% of Syria is Christian? No, I mean, think about what foreign policy means to her, so how could she? She’s not known for researching shit before she speaks. Either way, its racist. Which seems to be a bit of a theme that runs thru the Republican party. Sexism, racism, classism: its all there.

Its like somehow the KKK got its own political party. Oh wait, they did, its called the Tea Party!

Maybe there’s some value to republicans? But a majority of their beliefs are just stupid to me.

Another one I just don’t get is (and I am going to type this very slowly so they can read it):


YET every chance they get, they bring religion into freaking politics. WHAT THE FUCK? Or try to get prayer into schools.  Yeah, the Jewish isn’t going to get beat up for wearing his beanie, right?

Its everywhere:  I mean, all of our money says “in God we trust” and all over our public buildings. Our country is not 100% Christian, people!  And more so, our country WAS NOT built upon Christianity (as much as they like to lay claim to that). This country was built upon murder and stealing it from the people who lived here, but that’s not what this post right now is about (just wait till closer to Thanksgiving, I will elaborate more then).

Christian Republicans, they think they have the right to impose their beliefs on everyone.  Which, I will point out, aren’t the best for humanity. They aren’t the best ideas for Americans, either. They are selfish beliefs. For themselves. And yet they think the world should follow exactly what they think.  Gay marriage, anyone??

Whereas the rest of us think about this country as a whole. We think of what’s best for humanity, as a whole. Not our individual selves. Not everyone will agree with us, esp. the CR’s. But we don’t want to take away birth control JUST BECAUSE OF RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.  Or not let people get married because their silly little book says so.  Religion has NO place in politics. Read my previous post….I strongly believe that spirituality of any kind should be personal and not be used as a crutch to run a country.

I do not get along with most Republicans or bible thumpers or Palin supporters. I sometimes question the brain cell count of those that fall into any of the previous categories.

But I don’t expect the world to abide by my beliefs, even if I despise theirs. But yet those that are different than me, expect me to abide by theirs. I am lucky, I live in a country where I can express my disgustedness with these things in a blog. If this country were run by CR’s and nothing but CR’s? It would be a freaking dictatorship and we’d all be quieted.  But then again, most of our country IS run by CR’s…….and we are still living back in the stone age for a lot of our laws and whatnots.

But to be a Republican, and yet still use Democratic advantages?  What does that say about you?

Oh I know, its the old tried and true way of “If it doesn’t apply to me, than it’s wrong or doesn’t matter”.  But if it DOES apply to you, then its okay?  Hmmmmm…….again, I just don’t get it.

Till next Tuesday 🙂

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