I like my connection to God wholesale please……

thank you very much.

I don’t need a church to stand in my way to the divine.

They are like the big ‘ol Walmart that stands in between you and the wholesale makers of the items you want and need.

They get to tell you how much it costs (no matter the wholesale pricing—who is not getting any money off of the deal if there’s extra).  They get to put the items you need in the back in order to showcase what they think is going to sell more.  They get to sell you rotten food if they feel like it.

Its not up to you AT ALL, nor the wholesaler.  They are the boss.

Now, why the eff would I want that from my connection to the divine?  Now, getting my food, clothes, or pet supplies from Walmart is one thing, but something as esoteric as the divine?  Why would I want them fiddling with that?  Why would I need that?

God don’t care if you’re in your PJ’s or if you showered.  God don’t care what day of the week it is.  I mean, really.  Why would any of that matter?

The divine lives everywhere, all the time.  It does not live in the a big, elaborate building filled with candles and shit.  Its inside of you, its outside of you, its in everything, everywhere.

You can connect to it no matter if you’re in a car, the shower, in bed dreaming, or watching TV.

Its that feeling you get when its silent outside except for the summer crickets or croaking frogs or crackling fire.

Its that feeling when you’re in the woods and a ray of light streams down between the trees.

Its in a baby’s laugh.  A dog’s fur.  A song.  In your significant other’s touch.  In our hearts.

Why does the human condition have to compartmentalize things so much?  Its silly.

There is no line dividing things like this…..there are no walls that separate us.

I don’t need a church or a pastor to connect me.  I am the connection, as there is no disconnection.

If you need to go to place to connect with your divine?  Ask yourself:

When did you become disconnected?  The answer is simple…….


You cannot be disconnected…its impossible.  We ARE the divine.  Even Jesus said so.  Oh the bible doesn’t say that?  Check out some of the stuff that didn’t make it into the bible and then come back and talk at me some more.

And I am not a Jesus believer, but I have no idea…he could have been real, and they just put in the bible what suited them at the time (which would be the way it would have happened if it happened at all).

But that’s been the exact belief since the dawn of time…..we are the divine.  Its what made us, the trees, the Earth, our dog, and our chairs.  Then man twisted it to favor men (the daddy issues) instead of the Goddess (which is in most of the religions before the idea of the manly daddy God) in order to suit them…..or because they feared women and wanted to repress them.

Which I don’t get…..repress a woman?  And you don’t get no fun time the sack, assholes, but then men proved they could take it from us because they are stronger……only physically though, not mentally.  I’d like to see man take care of kids all day, change diapers, feed everyone, and do all the laundry….all the while making kids feel loved 😉  But I digress.

Find your God inside of you, not inside of a man-made religion or church.  You don’t need the middle-man to find that connection…..you can get it wholesale much easier 😉


Till next time.

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