There is socially accepted ignorance and personal ideas of ignorance.  The difference is one is a widely accepted belief of what is ignorant.  The other is one a specific person considers ignorant.

Like I consider people who think Obama isn’t an American or is a Muslim ignorant.  Why?  Because there is proof that both are untrue.  But people want to spread hate.  The only reason one would think Obama is a Muslim is not because they think “Well, its choice to be what he wants, I just think he’s a Muslim”.  No, its supposed to be an insult.  Its supposed to be “wrong” to be Muslim, so therefore let’s take our President, who is black, and call him a Muslim.  Whether it has anything to with him being black, is debatable.  If he was white or Mexican, would one think he’s a Muslim?  I highly doubt it. Rather than look at the facts, they want to listen to gossip.  To me, that’s ignorant.  They are ignorant of the truth.  And they would think the same of myself.  And that’s fine.

I am allowed to find ignorance where I see fit.  Just as you are.  But for some reason, when I do it, I’m the bad guy.

Well, so be it.  I’m the bad guy.  But I will not bow down to your socially acceptable standards of “let the LOUDEST people win” or “its always been that way, so why change it?” attitudes, or when it goes against the norm.  I am allowed to think people who find gay marriage wrong in the eyes of their god, ignorant.  I am allowed to be close-minded to close-minded people.  Because if I am not?  Then I am allowing their HATE to spread.  I don’t think “everyone is entitled to their own opinions” applies to ignorance.  Well, yes, it does. You are “allowed” to be ignorant.  But I am also “allowed” to think whatever I want of you for having said ignorance.  “In my opinion, you are stupid” (said internally.)  Does that make me intolerant?  Cool.  But at least I am intolerant against what counts.  Not against REAL people trying to live their lives in their own way.  Rather, I am against those who are trying to prevent that.  YET I am smart enough to not say it to someone’s face like that.  Cause I am not an asshole.  I will disagree with said ignorant people, but I won’t call them names.  I won’t shame them.  Mostly, because they are unshameable.  And I will normally leave them alone.

I had someone on my Facebook page try to change my perspective, only to have me go “Wait, what just happened? Did she just make me believe that its not okay for me to be against prejudiced people?”  Some people set out to mindfuck you, and sometimes they succeed.  Then you’re left wondering “Did that person just take everything I stand for and make me for one second believe I am wrong?”  Now granted, there are time I AM wrong.  I am not opposed to changing an entire set of beliefs once I learn something to change my mind.  It happens.

But other times I realize that while for a moment this other way of thinking sounded good, I really just don’t believe it in my heart.  I am NEVER going to believe that people who think gay marriage is wrong are okay.  I am NEVER going to believe a racist will be my friend.  I am NEVER going to say its okay for discriminate against someone because of who they are, or what they are.  And I will NEVER put one space after a period in a paragraph because I was taught to use TWO GOD DAMMIT!!!  Well, unless its Twitter or a text message, where you have an allotted amount of characters, it just ain’t right!

But as for ignorance goes, I am allowed to find ignorant people ignorant.  I am allowed to call them ignorant (in my own mind, unless they deserve it to their faces).  I am allowed to believe they are silly and unknowledgeable.  And if I am proven wrong?  Then so be it.  But until then, I reserve that right.

And they can feel free to think the same thing about me.

Cause, that’s just the way it goes.  I am just TIRED of people telling me I am wrong because I find ignorant people ignorant.  I am allowed.  So please, stop trying to tell me, that who I am is wrong.  I am allowed to think and feel what I want.  And while I will keep my mouth shut about it, and won’t say it out loud, I am allowed to feel that way.

And I will continue to do so, without your permission.

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