My New World

Um, I keep hearing about this “new world order” shit on documentaries on TV and I am like WTF is that?  Eh, I am too lazy to google it (and the Feds watch what you google…..) so instead I will make my own New World.

In my world, we’d start over from scratch.  Notice how FUCKED UP the world is right now?  Our fucking capitalist shitty nation?  I want to live in the woods (or on a very big island…little islands will wash away in a tsunami…and I can’t fucking swim, so eff that noise) where the judicial system is fair and unbiased.  Where the school system IS ABOUT LEARNING AND NOT TEST SCORES FOR $$$.  Where the healthcare system is about HEALING PEOPLE.  (Yes…actually HEALING mofos….whodda thunk?  Did you know that hospitals are first and foremost businesses??  That makes me sick.  OH NO!!!!!  I better not get sick….stay healthy, stay healthy……cause ain’t nobody gonna save me unless I got the $$$.)

Where the government is there to protect their people, not make $$$.  (I am noticing a trend here….)

Where the teachers and the doctors make the most money (or just have the parents teach their kids), and the musicians and sports players and the movie stars make almost nothing.  Wanna hear how fucked up the music industry is?  I wanna be famous.  So I get an agent.  That agent pimps me out to a record company who then TELLS ME WHAT I HAVE TO SING, HOW I HAVE TO DRESS, and WHAT MY IMAGE WILL BE.  Even will tell me to change my name if they want to.  ???????????  The music you hear on the pop stations are fabricated by the music industry so it sells more $$$.  What happened to people making the music they want?  Fuck the music industry!  Go make your own music, put it on youtube, then sell it on various online websites.  iTunes for one, but even then… could just make digital music at home and sell it online yourself (yet its really hard to sell things without SOMEONE getting a cut).

I wanna live where I can generate my own electricity and heat, instead of overpaying stupid electric and gas companies.  I mean, should these things not be allowed to be as a human being?  If we can get it ourselves, then why aren’t we all?  I want to collect rainwater in order to use for running water in my house.  th so much more knowledge than back then, so we could actually survive.

The Hollywood scene would not exist (ewwww!  I am disgusted at the way the rich people in Hollywood act and those that cater to them!).  The rich would ACTUALLY help the poor (no Republicants allowed!) rather than sitting on their wealth and pissing it away on shit nobody needs.  How would I achieve this?  I would have the children FROM BIRTH know that’s how we treat one another.  No bullies, no bullshit.  No separation of class.  Anyone who does feel that way?  Would be kicked the fuck out.

Is this a “utopia”?  Fuck yes it is.  And if was ruler of something, I would do it.  But all I can do is be ruler of my own house (along with my hubs and kids–so really, I am just ruler of myself) and can implement this shit just for us.

Though my friend DOES want to start a commune with me so maybe we can implement my ideas there?  Although I would have covert everyone to the TP being rolled from behind, not the front…cause that shit just isn’t right!  Despite what spider memes on Facebook would have you believing.

I look at Jonestown and I think “Why the fuck do things like this have to be run by the crazy mutha-fuckas?  Why not people like me who actually give a fuck about others??”  *mumbles* Damn crazies gotta run everything.

Eh, whatever.  I see a broken nation that I so wish I could fix, but alas, I am only one annoying liberal cat lady……what can I do?

Bitch about it on my blog, that’s what.

Till next time.  (And I am still working on my alligator hole, btw. )

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