Facebook and Twitter Warriors





Slacktivsm. Armchair Activism. #Hashtag activism. This goes by many times, but it all adds up to the same bullshit: Nothing.

I am a HUGE non-supporter of this bullshit. But there is something that bugs me more: getting your friends involved.

I hate being nominated for stupid fucking Facebook Challenges.

I am going to start my own challenge right now: I challenge you to do nothing. Then tag 3 idiot friends to do the same. And they have to tag their friends. Maybe we can make this global?

If you want to, tag the idiots who challenge you to do shit. Then say “I nominate 3 idiots” and then write their names. Do it!! It will be oh so much fun!!!

Here are some of the dumbass things I’ve been nominated to do:

“I challenge you to write three things everyday you’re grateful for over the next month!(my reply was to say “Fuck that shit, I can’t remember to change my underwear everyday, how I am supposed to remember this dumb shit?”)

“I challenge you to post 4 pictures with no make up on!! Oh em GEEE!” (my reply: “Fuck that shit. I never wear makeup, so what would this accomplish? Just go through my pictures and find 3 pics of me and more than likely they have none on, so there, it’s done. BAM!”)

“I challenge you to blublity blop because I can’t remember what other stupid things you’ve been challenged to do!” (my reply: Okay!)

So, I am going to come up with some really AWESOME bitchy, moody, arguably stupid challenges for you to do and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Some I made up, some I found on the internet, so I can’t take all the credit:


Nominate your friends to nap too!!


The #NotInMyHouse Hastag Challenge

We all run around and smack shit out at least 3 people’s hands every day for 30 days and scream “Not in MY house!!!” and then run away.  This brings awareness about basketball players who make amazing commercials!

Nominate 7 friends!!!


The #NakedSelfie Challenge

For 30 days post pics of yourself naked in various places in public! You win if you get arrested!  This brings awareness about nudist prejudice.
Nominate 1 friend a day for all 30 days!!


The #DoYourFuckingHomework Challenge

This one is a hard one, but for 30 days, you actually do your homework. I know, its grueling, but maybe you’re just not man enough? This one is for school age people.  This brings awareness for…well, getting your fucking homework done.

Nominate 5 kids/young adults (or old people in college)!


The #DontFuckingChallengeMe Challenge

For 30 days, don’t challenge anyone to do anything, and don’t take any challenges (except this one). This brings awareness that challenges are stupid!

Nominate every single person you know to do the same, online AND off!


 The #BringBackOurSexy Challenge

Instead of a bunch of people standing around with #bringbackourgirls signs, we can have Justin Timberlake standing around naked with a sign over his weener saying this challenge’s name.  He’s the only who can participate.  Unless you’re super sexy.  But it has to start with JT and then spread from there. This brings awareness about sexy person discrimination.

If you nominate someone, you have only nominate sexy people.


The #AprilShowersBringMayFlowers Challenge

Go and water all your neighbors flowers every single day for a month.  BAM! You’re welcome.  This will bring about dry plant awareness.

Nominate 6 people to do the same.


The #DuctTapeYourGenitalHair Challenge

This one is for men.  It brings awareness to them about bikini waxing and lets them feel the pain that we feel.  I mean, you could just wax their pubes, but duct tape is more funner!!

Nominate 10 men at at time for this one.


I think that’s enough for now.  But if you think of amazing challenges, please share them with me 🙂

Till next time.

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