Why I Find Racist Memes Funny

Or also known as “Why Racism is Funny”.

Okay, so I am not a racist.  And I don’t actually find racism funny.  I find stereotyping memes funny.  Actual racism isn’t funny in the least.  But stereotyping isn’t, in my opinion, actual racism, because it takes the best and funniest parts about being different and pokes fun at them.  Racism is mean to hurt and control.  Stereotyping memes, when used by non-racist people, are fucking hilarious.

Today we use stereotypes as a way to break the proverbial ice and open ourselves up for discussion.

Although there are a select few ding-a-lings out there who get all butthurt when they see these memes, even though it’s not truly racism (unless you know the person who’s posting them is a dick racist).  I still want to smack these babies and tell them “Get a fucking sense of humor!”  The more we can laugh at ourselves and each other, the better off this world is.  And memes are the best way to do this without being a douche.

Here are some stereotypes and accompanying memes to go with them that I find quite hilarious:

Black people eat watermelon.

(So do I, and I am not black…….but may I really am??)

finally-synthetic-watermelon this-is-my-watermelon-there-are-many-like-it-but-this-one-is-mine waterbama watermelon 2 watermelon

Asians eat dogs.

(Truth!! There are restaurants where they eat dog penis and raise dogs just to eat them in Bejing and other places in China!)


White people are rednecks.

(Rednecks really do exist.  There are special zoos called trailer parks you can visit to see them live in action! And they are all free and every city has one!  Visit your local trailer park today!)

fbz_2b4d38306a4a05c2a171dc35b9cf6705 Funniest_Memes_redneck-murders-are-hard-to-solve_4076 Funny-Redneck-47 funny-redneck-weekend1 images Redneck_f45780_916078 redneck-meme-tumblr-i10 redneck-party-nailed-it-

Australians ride kangaroos bareback.

(Okay, I made that one up, BUT I think I will make a meme of this and spread it around and see if it catches on!)

Black people like Kool-aid and fried chicken.

(Hot damn, so do I! Maybe I really am black?)

Why+are+black+people+always+eating+kool+aid+and+fried+chicken+_fe93468fe59fb7afab68571dc991fb5f thanks-mom-but-you-forgot-the-kool-aidno kool aid

Asians have squinty eyes.

(Um….have you seen them? Their eye structure is different than anyone else’s. Though it’s not funny to look at them, because they look normal, but when you SAY it, it’s funnier.)

funny-asian-face-kid-386x528 go-home-stoned-eyes-give-nothing-away post-49836-ever-talk-to-someone-so-stupid-z36Yimpossibru

Black girls have big butts.

(I blame this on Sir Mix A Lot.  He’s the one who started this one. And then there’s Nicki Minaj who’s making this stereotype more true.)

nicki-minaj-booty-butt-anaconda-instagram-meme-4__oPt HUGE asses sniff big buttsyoda big butts

White people don’t have rhythm.

(I do!  See???  I AM NOT REALLY WHITE!)

white people can't dance white people dance 2 white people dance white-people-dancing-1

Black people are good at basketball.

(Good! Because not as many whites are, and we need SOMEONE to play, right?)

blackguyproblems-basketball number 25

Asians are geniuses.

(This has to do with their work ethic, BUT my son has a Korean friend who really is a genius.  Soooooo……is this even really a stereotype?  Or is this just an amazing TRUTH???!!!)

gpa not my son 5af0640a1ad80c4072f33302cc788b26

All maids are Mexican. 

(This one is perpetrated by the TV industry.  EVERY SINGLE maid you see is hispanic.  So then the hotel industry follows suit.  They need to start employing Asians, blacks and whites and then we can wipe out this stereotype forever!)

mexican maid

Mexicans no speak good English.  Asians no speaka good Engrish.

(C’mon…that’s funny!  Really now….I mean, I am sure they make fun of white people all the damn time.  In fact, I know they do.  I’ve been there when they do.  I’d like to see a white person try to speak Chinese and I guarantee you all the people that hear them will be laughing their asses off at them LOL Mispronunciations are just funny, no matter who we are.)

Funniest_Memes_the-spanish-word-of-the-day-is_1680mexcianmexican 2mexican 3mexican 4mexican 5impossibru

Asians know kung fu.

(Well the Asians that know kung fu sure know it better than the whites that do!  Why?  Kung fu is Asian originated…..Shaolin monks perhaps? And they are BADASSES.  How many white Shaolin monks do you know? NONE!  THAT’S HOW MANY!  Check and mate.  Or Coffee and mate.  Whatever.)

kung-fu-then-math kung fu1 i-knoq-kung-fu-you-dont-believe-meh-im-asian-convinced soccer level asian

Black dudes have big dicks.

(What MAN would not WANT everyone to think they have a big wang? I mean, that’s the biggest compliment and man can get!  This isn’t’ a stereotype people, this is a gift.)

big dicks 2big dicksreturn-of-the-succesful-black-guy_o_2694445

All white people are racist.

(Well, most rednecks and Republicans are.  So there.)

23379296 white privledgeracist 2 racist 3 racist 4 racist 5 racist 6 racist 7 racist

Americans are fat and lazy.

(Actually, Americans are racist, entitled, overweight, lazy, AND sexually addicted.  Get it right people!!)

lazy americanlazy american2lazy american3lazy american4meanwhile_in_america_has_to_offer_640_29Meanwhile-In-America 3meanwhile-in-americameanwhile-in-america-meme-191euro_vs_america

Mexicans are lazy and illegal.

(Well, a shit ton of them are illegal.  But ask yourself what they are running from?  Poverty?  Horrible crime?  Cockroaches the size of your cat?  Mexico ain’t pretty, y’all.  It’s destitute and people are starving.  Take the poorest white area in the US and you’ll see the nicest area in Mexico.  As for being lazy, who the fuck do you think will pick your beans and mow your lawn?  White people?  Errrrrhhh.  Nope.  Wrong.  A Mexican, that’s who.  They do the work no American wants to do and for little pay.  White people be lazy, y’all.  Who are the top CEO’s in businesses?  An eeeeensy bit of work for HUGE pay.  That’s a white people invention.  And I call that lazy.)


Arabs and Muslims are terrorists.

(White people are terrorists too!  But they don’t wear cool things on their heads when they terrorize.  I think that’s the diff here.  Maybe if white people wore bigger hats they’d get some press too, and then errbody be scared of any white person wearing a hat.)


English people have bad teeth.

(Have you SEEN Harry Potter?  This isn’t so much a stereotype.  I mean….maybe they just need more kids excited to become dentists over there??)

bad teeth big boned bad-teeth

French people are assholes.

(I have never met a French person, but supposedly my birthfather is French, which would make me half.  And I am an asshole.  Sooooooo maybe there is some truth to this?)


Jews are greedy.

(No.  Jews have good money management.  Get with the program people!)

greedy jew 2 greedy jew 3 greedy jew

Asians love math.

(I mean, who doesn’t?  Me, that’s who!  But if I am half French, maybe French people hate math?  Ever think of that?  No, you only think of yourselves and how much you love math because you’re Asian!)

asians love math asians love math1 asians love math2 asians love math3 asians love math4 asians love math5 asians love math6

Irish people are drunks.

(Have you seen how many pubs they have? There is a reason “Irish” is usually followed by the word “pub”.  Next question.)

irish 3 irish drunk irish5 irish4 Irish3 irish2 irish

Blondes are dumb.

(My cousin is blonde.  My cousin is dumb.  So therefore this stereotype is real.  So there.)

Dumb_77c6b5_1484277 NEED FOR SPEED blonde joke dumb_blonde_jokes_are_the_best-507502 blonde joke 3 blonde joke 2 11182289 908b673403d441c2ffe2a39b7a94ababf7cba05b8828b3063229b17f2f32d5b7

Women are dumb.

(No, we just play dumb so men do more stuff for us.  So in actuality, we are brilliant.  Unless we are blonde. See above.)


Men are always horny.


im-horny_o_883550 guys 3696182

So…when someone posts memes that are stereotyping?  They are fucking hilarious.  Why?  Because they are partially based on enough truth so we can nod our heads and say “Oh yeah!  They sooooo totally do that!” Even if not all of them, or even most of who they are making fun of do what the meme says.  That’s what makes it funnier.  It wouldn’t be funny if everyone on earth fit into that meme.  It would just be a universal truth.

Until we can laugh at racism, we can’t have open discussions about it.  Everyone is so scared to bring up racial topics with someone of the opposite race.  But if we can use memes to discuss things, then so be it.

And here is my all time favorite stereotyping meme:

OH you go little fat Asian boy! You make all the leopard pants you want!!

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