Being “Bohemian” is a Fake Ideal

You see all these posts online about “being bohemian” and “free”.  But the truth is, that ideal isn’t actually achievable.  Being a “hippy” is more of a look, than it is a lifestyle.  Because the REAL lifestyle of a hippie/wanderer/bohemian/etc. isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Real life hippies back in the 60’s were all about peace.  And acid.  And LSD.  And mary jane.  It was more of a drug-induced state of mind than an ideal to live up to.  The only TRUE hippies I’ve ever actually seen are Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.  They strove for peace and kindness without drugs (as far as I know).  AND they actually did something an never stopped doing it until the day they died.  The 60’s hippies outgrew their “style” because they grew up and wanted to be “real adults”.

Being “bohemian” is just a stupid word for “kind of being like a hippie, like dressing like one, and acting like I am a free soul, but not really”.  But in reality it means: “I have a messy house, a messy yard, and probably do a little bit of drugs and maybe drink a little too much, and I don’t live by society’s rules of actually providing for my family, instead I run around like a child with no cares in the world and I am free with my body and so forth and whatnot.  I just need an excuse to be manic.  Maybe I should take my meds?”

Or it could mean “I dress like a hippie, but I hold down a 9-5 job when I am not dressing like a hippie”.  Or “I work in a coffee house and I am actually a hipster”.

We look at the bohemian style in magazines or memes or whatever, but 99% of the people who actually live this way have problems.  Like BIG problems.  Like “unable to pay my rent because I can’t hold down a job” problems.  “I can hold down a job because I smoke too much weed or won’t take my bipolar meds” problems.

I am being facetious here.  But there is a truth to what I am saying.  I have met PLENTY of “free souls” in my life and every single one of them has mental stability issues.  You can’t be all “Yeah man, I am like so totally free” and shit, and not either be doing drugs or are on planet “woo woo” in your head.  It’s just not feasible.  

Granted, some are young people who are ecologically inclined and “green” and all that, and wear hippie stuff, BUT they really aren’t bohemian.  They are planet savers.  But then we have people who use flowery words to generate followers (either online or off) like “Soul Delicious” and “Holding Space” who are just hiding the truth from themselves and from you: that they are effing crazy.  “I want to look like I know what I am talking about but in reality, I have no fucking clue what I am doing, but I am driven by my mental illness to keep this charade up” is really what they are saying.  

Anyone who uses these “new age” terms is probably insane.  If you ever come across of of these people: run.  Run as fast as you can in the other direction.  

Bohemian people are fun to look at, but kind of like animals in a zoo: don’t bring them home, because they will ruin your house, your life, and your checking account. 

So, what I am trying to say here, is that whole “bohemian” lifestyle that magazines try to sell you isn’t a real ideal to strive for.  It’s totally fake.  Because what YOU think it looks it, and what it really is, are two TOTALLY different things.  

Remember that.  But go ahead and put on your flowy skirt and your peasant top, but the buck stops there.  Don’t go searching out REAL bohemians, because you might be put off by the track marks on their arms and the amount of money they borrow from you.  

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