Why I Am Pro-Abortion

Oh yeah.  I told your asses I am a liberal cat lady.  And this blog will prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt!

I.  Am.  Pro.  Abortion.

Today a popular feminist (which I don’t really surf feminist pages) Facebook page posted about “nobody is actually pro-abortion”.  I just stared at it for a moment and raised my hand: “I am”.  There is a popular (and uber duber politically correct safe) way of thinking that you can certainly be pro-choice but NOBODY is pro-abortion.  That’s just silly.  And sick.  And unhuman.  Right??

I would like you all to know something: you can believe abortions are okay for others and not for yourself, that doesn’t mean you’re not no pro-abortion.  I, myself, have never had one, and only once thought about having one (but I wasn’t even pregnant).  And, barring medical reasons, I’d never get one (most likely because I have an IUD and won’t get pregnant, but that’s besides the point).  But I am still pro-abortion.

“But, liberal cat lady, what if bitches use them as a form of birth control?”

What the fuck do I care?  I mean, if you’re getting more abortions than you are changing you’re underwear, then you probably shouldn’t be a parent anyways, so good.  Do the world a favor:  Keep on getting them.

“But liberal cat lady, why can’t they just get an IUD like you or use other birth control?”

I don’t know and I don’t give a fuck.  I don’t live in their bodies.  I am not their doctor.  Let them be.

“But liberal cat lady, shouldn’t the father of the baby be asked first before getting an abortion?”

Only if you really love the guy and want to keep him and you’re ready to have family with him.  If not, then no.  It’ none of his business.  I will explain why:

A fetus is not a baby.  And pregnancy is a medical condition.  And no other human has the right to tell you that you cannot cure a medical condition as long as you have the insurance (or in this case, the money) to pay for it.  That’s not a man’s child in your womb, that’s his sperm mixed with your egg that decided to get together and create some cells.  That’s it.  So why would a man get to tell a woman she can’t get his sperm-induced cells out of her body?  A potential for human life is NOT human life.  It just isn’t. I wish people would stop confusing the two.

I know, I know, this will piss off the lot of you.  Especially if you’re religious.  But people, listen.  A fetus has the potential to be a baby, but it just plain isn’t one.  How many people do you see getting fetus baby clothes or getting fetus sized bottles to feed their newborn fetuses?  (cuz that fetus ain’t going to suck on any nipples, people….nobody has nips that little)  How many fetus sized strollers do you see?  Oh no, instead you can just slip that fetus into your pocket for an afternoon stroll in the park.  You know why you don’t see these things?  Cause A FETUS IS NOT A BABY.  Having a teeny tiny fetus baby, my friends, is called a miscarriage.  OR a spontaneous abortion, as the doctors say.  It isn’t birth.

A baby is a baby who can survive outside the womb.  Granted, as long as the baby is still all up in ya, it’s medically considered a fetus, but bear with me with my distinction between the two.

For the first few days of pregnancy, it’s called a “zygote”.  Which is a one-celled organism from a fertilized egg.  Then it keeps on dividing into more cells, which by day 5 is a “blastocyst”.  THEN at 8 weeks it’s called an “embryo”.  When it’s an embryo, it’s finally implanted into the uterine wall.  At about nine weeks, THEN it’s finally called a fetus.  Some get an abortion before the 9 weeks when it’s just a clumpy mass of cells and isn’t even a fetus yet.  And even after that, the fetus isn’t viable outside of the womb, and therefore might have the potential to grow into a baby, but still isn’t one.

(Now, yes, there are late term abortions, and those are a different story that I will not address here.)

But, for those of you who believe life begins at conception, did you know that researchers have found that around SIXTY PERCENT of fertilized eggs are lost due to not implanting properly into the uterine wall?  So our bodies naturally reject 60% of life on earth.  SIXTY PERCENT.  Think about THAT in relation to the amount of abortions people have.  More potential life is lost NATURALLY than by choice.  And that’s not just certain women, but ALL WOMEN.

But let’s put the idea of all this baby talk on the back burner for a moment and concentrate on what’s the real-deal:

Women need access to HEALTHY, SAFE, and CLEAN abortions.  Abortions, if made illegal, will never stop.  There will ALWAYS be abortions.  The only thing that will change will be where a woman gets one: on her kitchen table with a coat hanger, or in a sterile office as a medical procedure.

Making them illegal will NOT SAVE BABIES.   Granted, they aren’t babies, but all the kooks out there who think they know better for a particular woman’s body than they do think they are babies even when the little zygotian things look like aliens.

“Aww, Tammie, your fetus is so cute!”

“Right?  It doesn’t even have a sex yet and looks like a seahorse, but dang if it’s not the cutest thing earth!”

Guess what?  Humans are overpopulating this earth.  Eventually, there will be not enough food nor space to house us all.  AND also guess what?  When Roe v Wade happened, there was a drop in crime years later when those unwanted children would have grown up to commit crimes (cause unwanted children usually are the ones who commit crimes).  Check out Freakonomics for those stats.  The math says it all.

All those pro-lifers are liars, too.  They are not pro-life.  They are pro-fetus.  Cause once those little unwanted children are born then POOF!  Pro-life conservatives are NOT about giving those kids welfare or even giving two shits about how they get fed.  They just want them BORN.  But fuck em once they’re out of the vagina!  Why?  I don’t get it.  It makes no sense.

Conservatives have a love affair with the fetus that I just don’t understand.

Pro-choice IS pro-abortion, people.  I am sorry to have to break it to you like this.  If you believe that abortion is okay, then you are pro-abortion.  I will take it one step further, for myself, and say I am pro-abortion because I honestly believe that an unwanted child should not be forced to be born.

Oh my…did I just say that out loud?

I did.  And I am adopted.

Should I have been born?  Well, yes.  Because I was.  And I do believe adoption is a great thing.  It’s a wonderful thing.  BUT there are not that many mothers out there who can give up their babies willingly and be okay with that.

And we cannot expect them to. 

Adoption should NEVER be pushed upon a mother who wants an abortion.  NEVER.  Adoption is a gut-wrenching, and life-changing act.  It’s a HUGE trauma on both mother and child.  Whereas a medical procedure like abortion should not have to be.  It’s a 10 minute procedure to cure a medical condition.  And the earlier you get it done, the better.  So if abortion is something a mother wants?  Let her do it as quickly as she can.  The longer she waits, the harder it is on the body and the mind.  All that time you’re wanting to talk her into adoption, and she choose abortion anyways?  She could have already had it done with.

Abortion is nothing to be ashamed of, either.  If you get a knee-replacement or a cyst removed, would you be tormented over it?  No.  And neither should abortion be made out to make a woman feel bad about it either.  It’s a medical procedure.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Bertha.  God gave you that knee.  You were born with it.  Just because it doesn’t work anymore, doesn’t mean you get to throw it away like trash and then get a new non-god made one! Shame on you!” 

Imagine THAT conversation with grandma…..

I am not the only person who feels this way either.  PZ Meyers in his book “The Happy Atheist” talks about how he’s pro-abortion as well.  And this wonderfully written article on Salon about 10 Reasons Why We Must Support The Procedure and the Choice by Valerie Tarico brings up AMAZING points why abortion is something that is good for our existence as humans and women.

My favorite points are the fact that having less children keeps you from being poor as hell, and that mature parents who are ready to take care of children should be the ones having kids, not the kids having kids or the drug addicts or anyone else who can’t properly take care of them (not her words, but my take on them).  Her article is WAY better written than this dumbass blog post and way more thought out, so read it!!  (and this blog post is stupid and comes out of my ADHD, sleep-deprived brain.)

I am tired.  I am going to take my god-given narcoleptic ass to bed and stop typing now.  But you get what I am trying to say here.  You don’t have to agree with me.  We all know I am crazy.  But I am trying to make a good point.  And hopefully a point that others understand and maybe partially agree with.  We need to stop saying that “nobody is pro-abortion” because that’s a lie.  Many of us are.  Some of us freely admit it.  Some are ashamed of it.  And some don’t even know it yet.  But we exist.  And eventually, abortion can be seen as a medical choice and not a moral one.  Because that’s way it should be.

Goodnight, fellow humans.  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite.  (for real, get some spray and exterminator if you have bed bugs because that shit is NASTY)

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