Organic People Are Chock Full of Crazy

“Oh my god, hi! My name is Kiki.  I only eat free-range organic, locally and sustainably grown, gmo, antibiotic, and gluten free grass-fed beef and chicken!  Although I used to be a vegan!   Also my kids have never gotten a single immunization shot in their entire lives and are a gluten-free casein free diet and we use a composting toilet!  And I talk as if I am always using an exclamation point!” she says with a smug look on her face.  “What do you do to help the environment?”

I just stared at her.  “I recycle my plastic and metal garbage.”

“Oh so you guys don’t go the organic route or anything?”  She brushes her blonde dreadlock from her face.

“Nope.  Nice talking to ya!” And then I turn and walk away.

What do you say to someone like that?  Do you educate them on their stupid choices in life?  Will they even listen if you do?  The answer 99% of the time is a big fat NO.  So instead, I just walk away.  Not to mention I don’t want to be around those walking disease factories she calls children.  I mean, let’s bring back polio why don’t we?  That’s so organic.

People today LOVE buzzwords.  They love them so much that they are willing to risk their own safety on them.  “We are so crunchy granola. We are anti-vax.”  Yes, and your granola is laced with whooping cough and salmonella, don’t cha know.

You now what buzzword I like?  “Healthy”.  “Sensible”.  And most of all “science.”  Do you know that some people are advised to not wash their organic produce because “it’s not needed”?  That’s how people get sick.  Also, on the flip side, those not buying organic are told “you might as well not even buy any veggies at all if you’re not buying organic”.  Saying eating NO veggies is better than eating “pesticide contaminated” ones.

The people that say this are a special kind of stupid.

And when you ask them “Do you even science?” they get angry and scream “You’re being a meanie!”  But the sad thing is, they don’t science.  They don’t even science a little bit.

Sucks when people point out the truth, doesn’t it?

.Or it’s the fact that they wholeheartedly believe they are believing in science.  But it’s the “off the wall” “hidden” science that “real science doesn’t want you to know about” because if you did, it would “blow the whole industry out of the water”.

Because “the government wants to poison us and our children” for some reason.  They just want to “make a buck”.

Yes, because that makes sense, doesn’t it?  Less people means less consumers and less taxes being paid.  That makes total sense.  Let’s just kill everyone while we’re at it!  Whoo hoo!

*sigh* We have a huge amount of people out there who are believing in conspiracy theories out there today.  More than ever before.  We either a) have more mental illness such as paranoia out there (which is probably true) or b) the people are sick of the same ‘ol same ‘ol so they have to invent a new way for people to latch on to so they feel like they are a part of something.  I’d say it’s a mixture of both, but also it’s more a than b.  Paranoia seems to run rampant through our culture today.  Well, I blame Unsolved Mysteries and Lifetime Movie Network for that.  You can’t even look at a stranger without thinking “What is his agenda?  Killing me?  Robbing me?  Or just saying hi?” in today’s world.  All the negative media out there makes people a little nuts.

It’s not just that these people are being fed lines of bullshit and they’re taking it hook, line and sinker, it’s the fact they are smug assholes about it, too.

“Oh, you don’t cloth diaper your child?  Huh. Well, we can’t accept you into our cool parent club” type of attitude.  “You don’t eat organic?  Do you even love your children?”

Bite me.  And get an education.

So, what do you do to set these weirdos straight? (I used to be one of these weirdos….then I got educated)

Take a look at this article here.  It’s How to Debunk False Beliefs Without Having it Backfire.  I will say, that recently I did do exactly what this article says and it still backfired with my librarian, but hey!  Maybe later she’ll think about it and maybe go research it for herself?  Nah.  She seems like the type of person who isn’t that……smart (we all know people like that) and will hold on to her silly ideas forever.  You could educate these people until you’re blue in the face and it will only make things worse with them.  They’ll accuse you of being a “shill” or a “sheep”, when in fact, they are the biggest sheep that ever lived.  The best plan for those people?  Talk about superficial things with them: their pets, their clothes, the weather, or their favorite subject: themselves.  These people LOVE to talk about themselves.  So change the subject to them and watch them happily comply.

But for other, more reasonable people, you can try that technique so you can maybe educate rather than piss them off and cement their beliefs further.  Also, direct people over on Facebook to great science pages such as A Science Enthusiast or Kavin Senapathy or Nurse Loves Farmer (or a billion others you can find off their pages).   There they (and you) can learn all sorts of neat REAL scientific info and blow their (and your) mind!

But if you get some dumbass like my librarian?  Just run for the hills.  Because bitches be crazy.  And ignorant bitches be UBER crazy!

Now, I need a shirt that says “Do you even science??”  Let me know if you want one.

I am off to go be annoying in real life, so have fun educating yer friends!



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