Judgey McJudgersons are Judgey

For fucking real.  I can’t believe the nerve of people anymore.

Let’s first start off by saying that for the past 18 years or so, I’ve been on foodstamps/LINK/SNAP or whatever you want to call it.  Also, medical card.  Not consistently, but mostly.  And every time I’ve gotten my card out of my wallet to use, I’ve felt the eyes staring at me…boring into the back of my head, silently judging, being assholes.  But I could never prove it.  If you live in America and you’re poor as fuck, then you should feel ashamed of getting help.  My husband of the past 11 years has been at the same job: a small place of 4 people, so they don’t offer insurance.  Also, since it’s only four people, there’s only so far you can go, and raises are not likely to come by.  So that’s left us in a lurch where money is concerned most years.  Right now we don’t have link, and haven’t for awhile, but probably will again in the future if we need to.  And that’s my fucking business, not anyone else’s.

So, dis bitch today, sat there and looked at the black woman in front of us with two kids (one brand new baby) and said she should stop being lazy and get a job rather than using WIC.


I am pausing for dramatic effect.


Still pausing. (keeping my cool)


(nope, not working)



Oh, I told that bitch to shut the hell up and just about smacked her!  She had a little kid in the cart with her, and all I could think about was that poor child having to witness his skanky ass mother being rude to a total stranger and to swear out in public at a grocery store.  Great learning experience, mom!!  Wow!  We should all strive to have money like you and be a great parent like yourself!  Since dis bitch works full time, I am glad to know she’s not raising her own child (no offense to working moms…we ALL make sacrifices to do what we think is best for our family, I am just referring to this crazy judgmental bitch!)

Actually I told her to “go home, you’re being judgmental”(I didn’t swear at her or call her shit) and she said  back to me”Fuck you bitch!  You’re judging ME!”  I was like “Oh yeah, I am judging you for being judgey???  HA!”  She then ran away  (while yelling more things at me from afar) because anyone who’s willing to stand up to a bully is probably a little crazy and most likely intimidating, because bullies are nothing but pussies who think their LOUD ass words are scary enough to keep people at bay…turns out IT’S NOT! HA! She literally was STUNNED I called her judgmental….LOL.

That’s what wrong with the world today.  People think their ignorant ass ideas are wanted in this world and not only that, people think that the “WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT EVERYTHING!!”  But mostly, it’s the fact that a certain demographic of (:::coughcoughredneckcoughcough::::) people feel that nobody is entitled to help from the government, no matter their life situation, because everyone, even if you have a full time job, is a “leach” and a “loser”.  Because they see that medical card or that link card come out and automatically, you’re a “loser with no job”.

And this makes me want to punch people in the fucking mouths.

When I am rich?  I will be happy to supply part of what I make to help those less fortunate than me.

I always hear from people: “Oh that bitch just bought lobster on her link card!”  Who fucking cares you asshole twat?  It’s FOOD.  “Oh that family just bought a 12pk  of soda on their link card!!”  WHO FUCKING CARES YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE TWAT???  If she was paying with CASH you would care fucking less!!  So stop making this be about YOU (which is what this whole issue really is about) and let it be none-yo-bidness!

Again, just like my mentality on why a woman would choose abortion, I don’t give a fuck what people do with their own shit!!  And if you do??  Then you must lead a total fucking pathetic life that you care so much about what other people do or what they are eating.





Get a fucking life, judgmental assholes.  For real.


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