I am going to ManSplain you something real quick….

Oh my fucking god.  If people think that something is bothering them, then they make a fucking dumbass word for it.  And this time, that word is…..Mansplaining.

*long, heavy sigh*

For fucking real, guys?  Do we really need this word?  Wikipedia describes this idiocy as “to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.”  Meaning, you are woman, I am man, and I know better than you because men are smarters.

Yet, don’t women do this every single day?  And yet I don’t see anyone getting upset about it.  I also don’t see anyone getting upset when in movies (or in life) that  a) women slap men…if a man slaps a woman, that’s abuse, but a woman slaps a man and that’s “comedy”; b) a woman talks down to a man because men ARE clueless about a lot of things…this known as “life” or “being in a relationship with a woman”.  YET we don’t have a fucking word for THAT, do we now?  Nope.  It’s funny to make fun of men.  But I DARE you to make fun a woman, because all of a sudden, that’s sexist.

Women think it’s okay to talk down to a man because they view men, as a whole, as dumb idiots who grunt a lot, and only know about sports.  And men think it’s okay to talk to women because they view women, as a whole, as dumb idiots who bitch a lot, and only know about shopping.

And which one is wrong?  I mean, I know many of both in both categories.  I also brilliant men and women, as well.  But brilliance is in the eye of the beholder.  We usually view brilliance as “someone who knows more about the thing I know about” and we dismiss those who “know more about things I have no idea about”.  A man who knows every sports stat out there will not be viewed as brilliant from those who know nothing about sports.

But then we have arrogant pieces of shit men AND WOMEN, who think they know more about things we already know about.  They MAY view us as dumber because of our sex, or, more likely, view us as dumber because they think of everyone on earth as dumber than they are.  And that, ladies and gents, is called being a total fucking asshole.

I know a mansplainer.  He he thinks he knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.  And he’s married to a womansplainer, who thinks she knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, but especially about things I already know about.  I find it condescending.  My hubby and I find them both very, very condescending.  And their sex has NOTHING to do with who they are.  They’re just jerks who feel insignificant and have a great need to feel better and more superior than others so they can mask their insignificance.  There is no “splaining” involved.

Fuck your stupid word.  I think the world has  GOT to get angry about something, so they invent a fucking retarded ass word to give them something to bitch about.  And this word?  To assume it’s a MAN thing to do, and not a HUMAN thing to do?  Is fucking sexist AS FUCK.  EVERYONE DOES THIS.  And sometimes we do it because we think we know more than others (and we don’t) and other times we do it because we’re being condescending based on some stupid assumption about that person and still other times we do it because we don’t mean to.  I’ve done it.  I’ve done it to the same sex, the opposite sex, and those on the internet I have no idea what their real sex is.  I’ve had it done to me.  And yes, sometimes it’s sexist.  But most of the time, it’s not.

So take your dumbass word and go piss in a bucket, because I am tired of crazy ass people getting pissed over stupid shit and creating stupid words about their pissiness.  Let’s create a problem where there isn’t one.  Yes, men can be sexist, but not all men are and not all men are being condescending just because they don’t agree with you.  Dumbasses.   Go be offended somewhere else.


I’m out.

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