About Me

I am a totally fucking annoying liberal woman with lots of cats.  I am also a freethinker.  That, for you special ed people, means I am a skeptical atheist.  So many idiots don’t know what “freethinking” means.  Now you do.  Yay.

I hate that people think GMO’s are bad (when all actual REAL scientific evidence says they are awesome).  I hate that people invent diseases that don’t exist (like Chronic Lyme).  I hate when people quote the bible at me as “facts”.  LMAO.  For real.  The words “facts” and bible should never be uttered in the same sentence, unless the words “are not in” are in the middle of them.  And I hate that child abusers don’t vaccinate their children (because they want to human race to die out).  And I hate, hate, HATE creationist theories.  Fuck a creationist in their fucking fuck hole.

I am not a hater.  Really, I am not.  I am a pretty happy person who normally lives and let lives, but sometimes….SOMETIMES…..other people’s stupidity makes me want to bite them.  And since that’s illegal, I blog.






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