War is Murder

You wanna sit on your high horse and bitch to me that abortion is baby killing when you are HAPPY to send grown ass humans to another country with PERMISSION TO MURDER OTHERS?

I am on a very lonely mountaintop with my views on this one.  I am not sure how many of us are out there, but it’s few and far between.  Most people support the murder of “terrorists”, just as they support the murder of “infidels”.  Well, guess what?


Murder is murder….whether it’s done on death row or in war or in cold-blood to 2 cops sitting in a car, eating their foodstuffs.

I don’t get it.  I don’t how we can separate and compartmentalize “murder” into “good murder” and “naughty murder”, whereas the latter gets you put into prison and might get you murdered (depending on state laws and how heinous your crime was), and the first wins you medals and shit.

Does this view make me UN-MERICAN?  Well, so be it.  Our fucking fucked up country does a WHOLE LOT OF SHIT the world hates us for.  AND we do things TO OUR OWN PEOPLE that we hate our own government for.

People are starving around the world, yet we bitch about a movie not being released because we thought Kim Dong Un said so.  Oh yes, because that’s some first world problem bullshit right there.

And we think murder is something allocated only to the people who do it because someone made them mad or hate crimes (looking at YOU George Zimmerman!!).  YET if someone murders someone because, oh, let’s say they invaded my neighbor’s yard by planting something on their land, they will go to jail.  But if North Vietnam wants to take over South Vietnam, we go and “fight the good fight”.  Which ultimately means murder.

I mean, soldiers are NOT trained to ask nicely or make friends with their enemies.  They are trained murderers.  Not all kill….a lot don’t.  My dad didn’t.  But my stepdad did.  And it haunted him for the rest of his life.  And when he was in a bind in real life back home, he did it again…I mean, once you’ve killed some Viet congs, killing some idiot in the streets isn’t such a reach anymore, right?  That black and white area of right and wrong becomes extremely grey, so much so, it can blind you.  Especially when you are desperate.

I am not a fan of murder.  Even if we think it’s the only answer, as in war.  Killing is NOT okay.  I can’t FATHOM how some of these people call themselves Christians where IN THEIR HOLY BOOK states thou shalt not murder, yet they support war or commit it.  Will I blame the soldiers?  No.  Why?  Because just as I don’t blame spankers who spank their kids for spanking, I do not blame soldiers for commit acts of murder.  It’s not their fault.  I mean, when it comes right down to it, it is, but they are just products of the world they were raised in.

We need change.  At the deepest level possible.

Instead of war, or at least until we can stop war, we need to eliminate the reasons for war.

  1. We need to give EVERYONE clean water and enough food to eat (our own citizens and the rest of the world).
  2. Then we need to EDUCATE every single person on this Earth (except those who are living in the jungle who don’t need Western influence on them and live peacefully without us–unless they wanted it).
  3. Give them all internet.
  4. With education (all forms, not just American style schooling–which is a total failure, in my opinion), they can build their worlds as they see fit.  They can overthrow their own government (which yes, will probably induce more killing, but babysteps people….).  They can grow businesses online and off.
  5. Especially educating women.  When women are educated, they can feed their families with or WITHOUT men.
  6. Slowly, little by little, we can become a smarter race of beings and move into areas that will EXPAND humanity, rather than diminishing it, as war does.

This would take a long time and yet, people would die over it.  And it will be expensive.  BUT think how much war costs….and what does war do?  Stop it for a moment?  Whatever it is that people are doing?  But with education, that is LONG lasting and will eventually STOP completely what is wrong with the world.  Will it create new problems?  Sure.  Of course.

But maybe at least war could stop.  Pirating could stop.  Senseless murders over lack of basic needs could stop.

Nothing is 100% fixable, but humanity MUST start moving a direction that will CURE the world of its ailments, rather than creating new ones.

But for now, here I’ll sit, on top of my lonely mountain….wishing for change.  Hopefully one day helping to create it.  And until that happens, just blogging about my crazy ideas on this blog.

I will leave you with these immortal words:

“War… Huh… Yeah!
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Uhuh… uhuh…!

War… Huh… Yeah!
What it is good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Say it again y’all
War… Huh… Look out!
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Listen to me – AAH!
War I despise
‘Cause it means destruction of innocent lives
War means tears in thousands of mothers’ eyes
When their sons go out to fight and lose their lives

I said:
War… Huh… Good God y’all!
What it is good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Say it again
(War… Huh!) Lord, Lord, Lord…
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Listen to me:

(War) It ain’t nothing but a heartbreaker
(War) Friend only to the undertaker
War is the enemy of all mankind
The thought of war blows my mind
War has caused unrest within the younger generations
Induction then destruction
Who wants to die?

AAH! War… Huh… Good God y’all!
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Say it, say it, say it!
War… Huh…! (Uhuh… Yeah… Huh!)
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Listen to me:

(War) It ain’t nothing but a heartbreaker
(War) Got one friend, thats the undertaker
War has shattered many young men’s dreams
Made him disabled, bitter and mean
Life is but too surely precious, to spend fighting wars each day
War can’t give life, it can only take it away!

AAH! War… Huh… Good God y’all!
What it is a good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Say it again
War… Huh… Lord, Lord, Lord…
What it is a good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Listen to me:

(War) It ain’t nothing but a heartbreaker
(War) Friend only to the undertaker
Peace, love and understanding tell me,
is there a place for these today?
They say we must fight to keep our freedom,
but Lord knows there’s got to be a better way

War… Huh… Good God y’all!
What is it good for?
You tell me!
Say it, say it, say it, say it!
War… Good God now… Huh!
What is it good for?
Stand up and shout it! (Nothing!)”

10 Random Things I Hate: Part One

Here is a list of many of the things I hate.  Believe me, this is nowhere near the entire list of things I hate, but its a start.

So here is a list of 10 Random Things I Hate Pt. One:

  1. Kids with a perpetually runny nose.  C’mon mom and dad, do your fucking jobs and get that kid some allergy meds or something.  The rest of the world thinks your kid is a fucking sick weirdo and grosses us out.  Seeing that shit makes me vomity.  VOMITY.  So don’t just wipe it, FIX IT.  Or keep that little shit at home and out of the world where people DO NOT run around with perpetually runny noses, because WE, know better.
  2. Your asshole dog.  I love dogs.  They are probably my favorite animal outside of my home.  I have both dogs and cats, and I love all my furbabies, but what I hate is when I got to your house and your fucking asshole dog is a goddamned dick.  I had my neighbor’s dog attack my fucking hands because he didn’t want me to save him from the busy street we lived on.  When my kids were little, we’d go to my ex’s BFF’s house and their fucking fucktwat dachshund would attack my baby’s feet in his carrier and they refused to put him in a bedroom or in a cage.  Let me tell you something: if your dog attacks my baby?  I will kick it.  And I won’t think twice.  I love dogs and I do not condone animal abuse in any way, but I am first and foremost a mama bear protecting her cub.  This dog’s brother “Rudy” would take his little fat ass and get on the table and eat all the food before you sat down.  Piece of advice here, dumbasses: put your dog away before company comes if your dog is a fucking asshole!
  3. Neighbors who believe my yard is their yard.  My neighbors mean well.  I know they do.  They are sweet and nice and awesome.  Except when they put poison in my yard to kill weeds (when I told them before I don’t like that) or when they pull my weeds when I wanted those weeds or when they move my shit and don’t put it back.  Or making decisions about my trees when they aren’t on their property.  They are “yardwork people” and we clearly aren’t.  But its MY damn yard.  And I don’t get why people are sooooooooooo involved in what their neighbors do in their own damn yards.  Their yard is none of my business, as mine isn’t theirs.  The same goes for my family who show up at six-oh-fucking-clock in the morning to clean my yard when I didn’t ask them to and then get mad because we refuse to help them.  Well, I don’t want you here, and yet you’re still here.  What do you think will happen?
  4. People who hate dogs (or cats).  If you hate dogs because dogs are annoying (not because you’re scared of them) or hate cats?  Be sure I will not like you.  AND I will deduce you must have a mental illness because normal people do not hate dogs or cats, only assholes do.  Put this theory to the test: find a person who hates dogs or cats, and see if they are nice people.  You will find, they probably aren’t.  And most likely, they are cruel and might be mass-murderers.  Keep your eye on them….and don’t leave them alone with your children.
  5. Holiday bell ringers.  I will shove that fucking bell up their fucking little assholes if they don’t shut the fuck up with that shit.  I actually started a petition on Change.org to get this practice to stop.  These fuckers will see you walk by, RING LOUDER and then watch as you plug your ears and THEN RING EVEN LOUDER!  Fuck you assholes!  I have extremely sensitive hearing.  To the point, your bell ringing HURTS MY EARS!  Find a new thing to do, like, oh I don’t know, SING A FUCKING HOLIDAY SONG!  I’d much rather be jamming out to Jingle Bells the song, rather than a man jingling HIS bell.  That sounds dirty.  Fucking dirty ass perverted bell  ringers.  “Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward means to make her climax.  Think about that one for a minute.  Fucking so-called Christian organization getting their orgasms on by shaking their groove thangs for a quarter.  “Stick a quarter in my kettle and I’ll ring my own bell for you *wink wink*”.  Dirty mother fuckers.
  6. Uber Christians.  You know, those people that throw god or Jesus into every sentence?  Or those who every single conversation ends up being a religious debate?  Or those who wear Jesus paraphernalia and adorn themselves in WWJD bullshit?  Or those who litter their Facebook walls and Twitters with “The Lord” or “Him” (with a silly capital H) or whatnot?  Just……ew.  Stay away from me.  You can be a god-believer without being a total freak, mmmkay?  Don’t bother me if you are.  I would like to pewp on your parade, okay?  If you come at me with religious BS, I will come at you with some science and some fucking sci-fi bullshit.  Why?  Because its funny, that’s why.  Sci-fi is no more real (well, actually, its WAAAAY more possible) than your religious silliness.  I have Christian friends.  They are normal people.  I respect their beliefs.  But I don’t respect religious freaky people.  Keep off my doorstep and outta face, and we won’t have any issues, kapeesh?
  7.  Fake-ass hippies who use fake-ass hippie language. There is a whole group of effing weirdos online that run around pretending to be new age hippies who use words like “soul-delicious” and “yummy” and “paradigm shifting” to describe their days.  They also rewrite old words with stupid-ass capital letters where they don’t belong.  Like “BEing” and “hOMe” (because it has the word OM in it, get it?).  Am I targeting one person in particular?  A little bit.  But only because she was my most recent experience with one.  Although she made an ENTIRE group of them—and many abandoned her because of her whackadoodleness.  But the internet is LITTERED with them.  She is in no way representative of an entire culture of whackadoodles because they’ve been there longer than she has been around.  She didn’t invent this shit.  But I still want to go around with a spork and poke all these hippie-dippies in the eyeballs so they can see the REAL light: they are effing off their rockers.  What makes me sad about them is that they are ALL so disconnected from real life they feel they have to make up a fake little fairy-land to live in so they don’t have to deal with the reality of their lives.  Its like they are so miserable (or possibly wacky) in real life, they have to escape online with some flowery language that nobody uses in real life.  Or maybe they are actually mentally ill and I shouldn’t be picking on them at all?  Well, whatever.  They still annoy me.
  8. People who pretend to be something they aren’t online.  We ALL hate liars who pretend to be, say, a hot girl, when they are really a 60 year old dude–aka, catfishes.  So instead I will concentrate on those who portray a different lifestyle than what they are really living.  Like radical unschooling gurus who have a fame obsession and pretend they are “gentle” and awesome parents, when in reality, they are liars who scream at their kids and are mentally unstable.  OR take this: my friend who portrayed online she was just the best mama ever and always doing stuff with her kids, when it turned out she was on heroin and had pawned her kids off on friends to have them live with them.  Nobody had any idea, that was until I ran into her kids with mutual friends and found out the kids were living with them.  But sure as shit she talked about playing video games and whatnot with her imaginary children who didn’t live with her all over her facebook wall.  And this particular story brings me to number 9:
  9. Parents who neglect their children.  One online whackadoodle in particular takes her 2 little children along for the ride down “Imma fuck up parent lane”.  She is constantly begging for money (because she believes she a real life gypsy), toting her children with her across the states of the US with NO plan for shit.  She was in Oregon and asked everyone for $700 to get to TX for an unschooling conference, which she got via paypal.  And so she went.  WITH NO MONEY FOR THE RETURN TRIP.  Ummmmmm, aren’t our jobs as parents to plan things out so we can protect our children?  Did I mention while this was going on, she thought she could “THINK” money into her life by quitting getting foodstamps?  Yes, clearly by refusing help to feed her children, money would magically appear in her life and save them all from poverty.  Yay!  Oh, and once she asked the group of hippie-dippies to send her money for food they could “stop eating peanut butter with a spoon” as food.  Did I mention her daughter has type-1 diabetes?  And that she had just recently gotten her children back from having them taken away from her because DCFS had been called on her several times by both family members and strangers alike?  And yet she blames the person/people who called on her…when clearly it wasn’t how she was parenting in the least.  Nope.  Not her.  Isn’t it fun to live in a world where you can be a totally awesome person and everyone around you is at fault for all your woes?  My ex does the same thing.  Hmmm, I kinda see a pattern here with those types of personalities.  I think I am on to something here…..
  10. And last but not least (and certainly not last):  Homeowners association dues, and those that pay them.  It’s a joke, right?  I BUY my house and MY land and I have to adhere to RULES for my neighbors about something I bought with my own money?  Huh?  Does that even make sense?  Is that even legal?  The thing is, these people happily pay them.  Because it keeps the “riff raff” out, I was told.  Snobs.  I would be glad to stay out of neighborhoods where idiots actually give their bank-given rights as a homeOWNER to pay other idiots (for what, I don’t even know) and follow those same idiots’ rules about what they can do with their house and their lawn.  Fuck that noise.  My wish for those idiots is that a huge group people buy houses and rents them out to the “riff raffs”! Ha!  That will teach them to be snobby ass mother fuckers.

So that’s my list.  So far.  I am a raging ball of hate sometimes and I thought to myself “Why not embrace what I hate?  And turn it into a huge list?”  Yay!!

Believe me, there will be more lists.  But for now, just join me in hating these stupid 10 things (or not).

I Hate Proclamations!

We’ve all seen it, those stupid “proclamations” people make just because.  I will excuse New Years resolutions, because its a traditional thing to do.

But those idiots who run around making these fucking dumbass proclamations such as:

“Oh my god, from this day forward, I am going to have a perfect life!  I am going to eat right forever and always have a positive attitude!”

Sure you are.

In two days you’ll have a fucking soda and all your fake-ass bipolar manic happiness will go out the fucking window.

BAM!  It’s that fast, too.

I get making life choices and everything, but people give up so damn easily!

We ALL make these choices.  And sometimes we fail.

But sometimes, just sometimes, we succeed.

And you know why?


We make our changes silently, and quietly.  So we don’t feel like failures when we fall off the wagon and go back to our normal programming.  Mostly because there is nobody to answer to.  Instead, we just accept it, and move forward and keep chugging along until we get to where we want to go.

I don’t want to announce to the world every five minutes that “I am going to change my life forever!” because A) I hate people and don’t need them knowing my business, B) Who the fuck are these people for me to answer to??  and C) I don’t need an audience to change.

If I announce my shit, I WILL fail.  That’s guaranteed.  It didn’t take me long to figure that one out.  But apparently for some, it does.  We had a girl in our online women’s group who would announce constantly about her “life changes” and how she was “going to get organized once and for all” like THIRTY FUCKING TIMES and “I am going to get into shape once and for all!”, yet it never happened.  None of it.  Not once.

Why?  Because A) She’s a quitter (like the rest of us), B) Nobody would think she’s a quitter if she didn’t announce the same shit over and over again and C) Telling an audience she was going to “get it right this time” every single time she posted online is a sure-fire way to to make it not happen.  Why?  I dunno.  It just does.

Its has to do with Newton’s Law of Repelling, which states “Any object in motion will stay in motion, unless its doing it front of an audience, which will then cause it to get ADHD and run off at the first sign of “SHINY!!””

So, in short, proclamations are for suckers!

So stop being a sucker and start being a smarty pants like me, who fails in sweet, sweet silence 🙂

Because when I fail alone in the forest, and nobody is there to witness it, did I even fail at all?

Ponder that shit for a moment.

You’re welcome.

Facebook and Twitter Warriors





Slacktivsm. Armchair Activism. #Hashtag activism. This goes by many times, but it all adds up to the same bullshit: Nothing.

I am a HUGE non-supporter of this bullshit. But there is something that bugs me more: getting your friends involved.

I hate being nominated for stupid fucking Facebook Challenges.

I am going to start my own challenge right now: I challenge you to do nothing. Then tag 3 idiot friends to do the same. And they have to tag their friends. Maybe we can make this global?

If you want to, tag the idiots who challenge you to do shit. Then say “I nominate 3 idiots” and then write their names. Do it!! It will be oh so much fun!!!

Here are some of the dumbass things I’ve been nominated to do:

“I challenge you to write three things everyday you’re grateful for over the next month!(my reply was to say “Fuck that shit, I can’t remember to change my underwear everyday, how I am supposed to remember this dumb shit?”)

“I challenge you to post 4 pictures with no make up on!! Oh em GEEE!” (my reply: “Fuck that shit. I never wear makeup, so what would this accomplish? Just go through my pictures and find 3 pics of me and more than likely they have none on, so there, it’s done. BAM!”)

“I challenge you to blublity blop because I can’t remember what other stupid things you’ve been challenged to do!” (my reply: Okay!)

So, I am going to come up with some really AWESOME bitchy, moody, arguably stupid challenges for you to do and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Some I made up, some I found on the internet, so I can’t take all the credit:


Nominate your friends to nap too!!


The #NotInMyHouse Hastag Challenge

We all run around and smack shit out at least 3 people’s hands every day for 30 days and scream “Not in MY house!!!” and then run away.  This brings awareness about basketball players who make amazing commercials!

Nominate 7 friends!!!


The #NakedSelfie Challenge

For 30 days post pics of yourself naked in various places in public! You win if you get arrested!  This brings awareness about nudist prejudice.
Nominate 1 friend a day for all 30 days!!


The #DoYourFuckingHomework Challenge

This one is a hard one, but for 30 days, you actually do your homework. I know, its grueling, but maybe you’re just not man enough? This one is for school age people.  This brings awareness for…well, getting your fucking homework done.

Nominate 5 kids/young adults (or old people in college)!


The #DontFuckingChallengeMe Challenge

For 30 days, don’t challenge anyone to do anything, and don’t take any challenges (except this one). This brings awareness that challenges are stupid!

Nominate every single person you know to do the same, online AND off!


 The #BringBackOurSexy Challenge

Instead of a bunch of people standing around with #bringbackourgirls signs, we can have Justin Timberlake standing around naked with a sign over his weener saying this challenge’s name.  He’s the only who can participate.  Unless you’re super sexy.  But it has to start with JT and then spread from there. This brings awareness about sexy person discrimination.

If you nominate someone, you have only nominate sexy people.


The #AprilShowersBringMayFlowers Challenge

Go and water all your neighbors flowers every single day for a month.  BAM! You’re welcome.  This will bring about dry plant awareness.

Nominate 6 people to do the same.


The #DuctTapeYourGenitalHair Challenge

This one is for men.  It brings awareness to them about bikini waxing and lets them feel the pain that we feel.  I mean, you could just wax their pubes, but duct tape is more funner!!

Nominate 10 men at at time for this one.


I think that’s enough for now.  But if you think of amazing challenges, please share them with me 🙂

Till next time.


Hmmmmmm well ya know, I am not one for Bandwagon Bullshit. If someone had nominated me on FB to do this parlor trick, I would have unfollowed the post and hid the post from my newsfeed….as I do when I see anyone of my friends posting videos of others doing this or doing it themselves.

I get it. You want to help. Makes sense. BUT do you really know where your money is going? Do you know what you’re supporting? No, sweethearts, you aren’t just supporting a really good cause. You are lining the pockets of the people running the charity. And just like hospitals and churches, charities are money-makers. TAX-FREE money makers at that.

So….instead of posting a video of you dumping cold water on your heart to support a charity you know nothing about, why not do some research first.

Not only do the funds go to line the pockets of the people running the show, when you massively donate to one place only, it takes away from other diseases getting donations as well.

Here is how their employees are being paid:

– Jane H. Gilbert – President and CEO – $339,475.00
– Daniel M. Reznikov – Chief Financial Officer – $201,260.00
– Steve Gibson – Chief Public Policy Officer – $182,862.00
– Kimberly Maginnis – Chief of Care Services Officer – $160,646.00
– Lance Slaughter – Chief Chapter Relations and Development Officer – $152,692.00
– Michelle Keegan – Chief Development Officer – $178,744.00
– John Applegate – Association Finance Officer – $118.726.00
– David Moses – Director of Planned Giving – $112,509.00
– Carrie Munk – Chief Communications and Marketing Officer – $142,875.00
– Patrick Wildman – Director of Public Policy – $112,358.00
– Kathi Kromer – Director of State Advocacy – $110,661.00

“Total administration costs, as seen in the pie chart above, were just under $2 million. “Other salaries and wages” (Part IX line 7) were $3.6 million, with another half million dollars in “pension plans” and “employee benefits.” Expenses for non-employee labor were about $4 million, and “travel expenses” exceeded $1.3 million.

So total costs for labor to run the association was around $12.5 million, from revenues received totaling $24 million.

Over 50% of what the ALS Association receives appears to support salaries of people working for the Association, based on these tax returns.”

Did you see that? The CEO makes over $300,000. Um……why? That’s fariggin’ insane.

And yet people get mad that I do not support this “Ice Bucket” nonsense. Now you can see exactly why. I didn’t know any of this first off when it all began. I just knew that there is more to the story. Which is also why I do not buy those “ribbons” for cancer….the same shit with the “Komen For A Cure” bullshit.

Remember people: Fat Cats wanna stay fat….and your donations can make that happen 🙂

And there is ALWAYS a Fat Cat running things…..

So do your homework and spend your money WISELY. And stop posting stupid videos just so you can be “one of the gang”. Its just makes you look bad.

Till next time….and soon my alligator pit will be done. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And now I will fill it with ice water……BAM!

My New World

Um, I keep hearing about this “new world order” shit on documentaries on TV and I am like WTF is that?  Eh, I am too lazy to google it (and the Feds watch what you google…..) so instead I will make my own New World.

In my world, we’d start over from scratch.  Notice how FUCKED UP the world is right now?  Our fucking capitalist shitty nation?  I want to live in the woods (or on a very big island…little islands will wash away in a tsunami…and I can’t fucking swim, so eff that noise) where the judicial system is fair and unbiased.  Where the school system IS ABOUT LEARNING AND NOT TEST SCORES FOR $$$.  Where the healthcare system is about HEALING PEOPLE.  (Yes…actually HEALING mofos….whodda thunk?  Did you know that hospitals are first and foremost businesses??  That makes me sick.  OH NO!!!!!  I better not get sick….stay healthy, stay healthy……cause ain’t nobody gonna save me unless I got the $$$.)

Where the government is there to protect their people, not make $$$.  (I am noticing a trend here….)

Where the teachers and the doctors make the most money (or just have the parents teach their kids), and the musicians and sports players and the movie stars make almost nothing.  Wanna hear how fucked up the music industry is?  I wanna be famous.  So I get an agent.  That agent pimps me out to a record company who then TELLS ME WHAT I HAVE TO SING, HOW I HAVE TO DRESS, and WHAT MY IMAGE WILL BE.  Even will tell me to change my name if they want to.  ???????????  The music you hear on the pop stations are fabricated by the music industry so it sells more $$$.  What happened to people making the music they want?  Fuck the music industry!  Go make your own music, put it on youtube, then sell it on various online websites.  iTunes for one, but even then…..you could just make digital music at home and sell it online yourself (yet its really hard to sell things without SOMEONE getting a cut).

I wanna live where I can generate my own electricity and heat, instead of overpaying stupid electric and gas companies.  I mean, should these things not be allowed to be as a human being?  If we can get it ourselves, then why aren’t we all?  I want to collect rainwater in order to use for running water in my house.  th so much more knowledge than back then, so we could actually survive.

The Hollywood scene would not exist (ewwww!  I am disgusted at the way the rich people in Hollywood act and those that cater to them!).  The rich would ACTUALLY help the poor (no Republicants allowed!) rather than sitting on their wealth and pissing it away on shit nobody needs.  How would I achieve this?  I would have the children FROM BIRTH know that’s how we treat one another.  No bullies, no bullshit.  No separation of class.  Anyone who does feel that way?  Would be kicked the fuck out.

Is this a “utopia”?  Fuck yes it is.  And if was ruler of something, I would do it.  But all I can do is be ruler of my own house (along with my hubs and kids–so really, I am just ruler of myself) and can implement this shit just for us.

Though my friend DOES want to start a commune with me so maybe we can implement my ideas there?  Although I would have covert everyone to the TP being rolled from behind, not the front…cause that shit just isn’t right!  Despite what spider memes on Facebook would have you believing.

I look at Jonestown and I think “Why the fuck do things like this have to be run by the crazy mutha-fuckas?  Why not people like me who actually give a fuck about others??”  *mumbles* Damn crazies gotta run everything.

Eh, whatever.  I see a broken nation that I so wish I could fix, but alas, I am only one annoying liberal cat lady……what can I do?

Bitch about it on my blog, that’s what.

Till next time.  (And I am still working on my alligator hole, btw. )


There is socially accepted ignorance and personal ideas of ignorance.  The difference is one is a widely accepted belief of what is ignorant.  The other is one a specific person considers ignorant.

Like I consider people who think Obama isn’t an American or is a Muslim ignorant.  Why?  Because there is proof that both are untrue.  But people want to spread hate.  The only reason one would think Obama is a Muslim is not because they think “Well, its choice to be what he wants, I just think he’s a Muslim”.  No, its supposed to be an insult.  Its supposed to be “wrong” to be Muslim, so therefore let’s take our President, who is black, and call him a Muslim.  Whether it has anything to with him being black, is debatable.  If he was white or Mexican, would one think he’s a Muslim?  I highly doubt it. Rather than look at the facts, they want to listen to gossip.  To me, that’s ignorant.  They are ignorant of the truth.  And they would think the same of myself.  And that’s fine.

I am allowed to find ignorance where I see fit.  Just as you are.  But for some reason, when I do it, I’m the bad guy.

Well, so be it.  I’m the bad guy.  But I will not bow down to your socially acceptable standards of “let the LOUDEST people win” or “its always been that way, so why change it?” attitudes, or when it goes against the norm.  I am allowed to think people who find gay marriage wrong in the eyes of their god, ignorant.  I am allowed to be close-minded to close-minded people.  Because if I am not?  Then I am allowing their HATE to spread.  I don’t think “everyone is entitled to their own opinions” applies to ignorance.  Well, yes, it does. You are “allowed” to be ignorant.  But I am also “allowed” to think whatever I want of you for having said ignorance.  “In my opinion, you are stupid” (said internally.)  Does that make me intolerant?  Cool.  But at least I am intolerant against what counts.  Not against REAL people trying to live their lives in their own way.  Rather, I am against those who are trying to prevent that.  YET I am smart enough to not say it to someone’s face like that.  Cause I am not an asshole.  I will disagree with said ignorant people, but I won’t call them names.  I won’t shame them.  Mostly, because they are unshameable.  And I will normally leave them alone.

I had someone on my Facebook page try to change my perspective, only to have me go “Wait, what just happened? Did she just make me believe that its not okay for me to be against prejudiced people?”  Some people set out to mindfuck you, and sometimes they succeed.  Then you’re left wondering “Did that person just take everything I stand for and make me for one second believe I am wrong?”  Now granted, there are time I AM wrong.  I am not opposed to changing an entire set of beliefs once I learn something to change my mind.  It happens.

But other times I realize that while for a moment this other way of thinking sounded good, I really just don’t believe it in my heart.  I am NEVER going to believe that people who think gay marriage is wrong are okay.  I am NEVER going to believe a racist will be my friend.  I am NEVER going to say its okay for discriminate against someone because of who they are, or what they are.  And I will NEVER put one space after a period in a paragraph because I was taught to use TWO GOD DAMMIT!!!  Well, unless its Twitter or a text message, where you have an allotted amount of characters, it just ain’t right!

But as for ignorance goes, I am allowed to find ignorant people ignorant.  I am allowed to call them ignorant (in my own mind, unless they deserve it to their faces).  I am allowed to believe they are silly and unknowledgeable.  And if I am proven wrong?  Then so be it.  But until then, I reserve that right.

And they can feel free to think the same thing about me.

Cause, that’s just the way it goes.  I am just TIRED of people telling me I am wrong because I find ignorant people ignorant.  I am allowed.  So please, stop trying to tell me, that who I am is wrong.  I am allowed to think and feel what I want.  And while I will keep my mouth shut about it, and won’t say it out loud, I am allowed to feel that way.

And I will continue to do so, without your permission.

Obama the Dictator

I just don’t know where to start.  I think this statement has been one of the most ignorant statements I’ve ever witnessed.

“Obama the Dictator”.

Um, whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis??

I think Americans have become so terribly spoiled.  We’ve become lazy and stupid.  You might not like our president, but to call him a dictator shows just how true this is.

My 15 year old son said after seeing this comment “Wow, that’s an insult to every single person in Cuba.  That’s an insult to every single person who lives in North Korea.  That’s an insult to all the Jews who lived in Nazi Germany.  That’s one stupid little sentence just insulted millions of people.  What the fuck is wrong with them?”

I 2nd that sentiment.

Just because we live in a country where we can speak our minds, doesn’t mean we should speak every little, dumb thought that comes across our minds.    And it doesn’t mean we should express those thoughts the moment we think them.



a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.
Yes, Obama works alone.  He’s gone rogue.  The government has collapsed and now we only have one leader, one tyrannical leader who controls the free world, just one guy…..OBAMA!

ImageI mean, its not like we have a Republican-controlled congress, right?

Its not like they’ve blocked every little thing Obama has tried to do, and even Obamacare…..its not like they’ve taken his plans and mutated them and took the whole thing apart and put it back together so it hardly resembles anything that the Obama administration had in mind to begin with. But YET Obama has been blamed for all of it……

I am not saying he’s the greatest president ever, I am just saying he’s not a fucking dictator.  Just the thought of that is most ridiculous thing ever.  He’s not perfect.  He’s not who we all wanted him to be.  He’s just man, with flaws and weaknesses, just like you and me.  Minus the man part…..

And we Americans tend to forget, that presidents?  They are just puppets.  They hardly make any decisions alone….there is always a fucking enormous amount of people pulling his strings, telling him what to do.  No matter whether they are Republican or Democrat.  How much is anyone one man actually responsible for?  Don’t you think we, the public, can be swayed and played and everything is already played out no matter who we vote for or what we think?  I guess this is another conversation for another day.  But its something to think about it.  So while Obama may be a puppet….

But the devil?  A dictator?


Ignorance at the highest level.  If you want to see what a world looks like with a dictator?  Just google North Korea or Cuba, or check out what the Jews went thru in WWII.  THEN you’ll see what a dictator really is.

Until then?  Stop being a spoiled-ass ignorant American idiot and get a fucking education.  Throwing terms around like that is disgraceful and sickening.  Words carry weight, some more than others.  And a word like dictator?  You need to know what a REAL dictator is before you use big words you don’t know the meaning of.  Here are some to research:

Image And this asshole Idi Amin, was the third President of Uganda, from 1971 to 1979.  Amin’s rule was characterized by human rights abuse, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings, nepotism, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement. The number of people killed as a result of his regime is estimated by international observers and human rights groups to range from 100,000 to 500,000.
This dick is Fidel Castro.  In 1959, Castro used guerrilla warfare to successfully overthrow Cuban leader Batista, and was sworn in as prime minister of Cuba.  From a poster on Yahoo Answers: “Fidel Castro is perhaps the best example of a communist dictator of the 20th century. He brought hope and change to Cuba but he locked his people in an eternal poverty. He killed many of his opposition. He nationalized private companies in Cuba, he took from the rich and redistributed wealth. Cuba became a hell hole. Cubans became prisoners in their own country.”
Under the dictatorship of Soviet leader, and everyone’s favorite FUCKTWAT, Joseph Stalin, tens of millions of people were executed, starved to death or imprisoned in Gulag forced-labour camps.  (wikipedia)
Benito_Mussolini_0 This is the cocksucker Benito Mussolini.  He was the leader of the National Fascist Party in Italy from 1922-1943 who allied with Nazi Germany in WWII.  He acted like “Oh, lookie me, I will be democratic!”  That lasted a few years then BAM!!! THE CRAZY CAME OUT and they were under the rule of a fascist dictator.
Kim_Jong_ElvisThis little beaut is Kim Jong Ilvis.  He’s a fucking asshole.  As is his fat ass little-big son, Kim Jong Un as seen here:
kim-jong-un-memes-4These two total fucking fucktards are (and were) the the supreme leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  Well……democratic?  Do they know what that means?  LMAO  Morons.  North Korea probably all believe that there are unicorns that shit out leprechauns in Ireland and English people eat their children.  Just because these two asstwats tell them so.  That’s how controlled they are.
(sing to the tune of Meow Mix) Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao.  Fucking asswipe.


Death toll: 45 million to 75 million
Years in power: 34 (1943-1976)
Worst offense:
Great Chinese Famine
Type of regime:

(The Daily Beast.com)

HitlerAnd this little fuckface right here?  Well, you know who he is.  The nicest, sweetest, most awesome dictator of all time.  Fuckface Hitler.  If I have to tell you what he did?  Then you need a serious history education.
These are just a few of the actual dictators throughout history.  If you want to see more, visit:
The 13 Deadliest Dictators
So, you wanna call Obama a dictator again?  Or do you want to get your head out of your ass first?
I suggest you do.
Till next time.

Pagans? No Thanks.

Pagans are not immune to my rants.

I know, I used to be one.

Well, I kinda was one.  I didn’t fit in with them either.  They weren’t used to a fellow Pagan looking like *gasp*!!!!   Wait for it…….an actual woman!!!

When you walk into a group of Pagans, do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear clothes that look pretty or wear makeup or even do your hair.  Just don’t do it.  Or else you will incur the wrath of the other man-ladies talking shit about you behind your back, or just snubbing you out in the open.

Bitches be trippin’.

What you’re supposed to wear is: no underwear, strange or dirty clothes with rips in them (not on purpose to be “cool”, must be real wear and tear), not wear deodorant, pieces of cloth as a skirt tied around your waist, don’t brush your hair, and never, ever wear makeup.  Unless its theatrical.

Okay, I am being a total asshole here.  BUT many of the Pagans I know dress like this and I am just not that hippie.

I showed up my first day in adorable pigtails, makeup, my cute pink elasticized top with a flowing waist with little tied straps on my shoulders, jeans, and cute sandals.  You know, my norm.  And my boys were clean, with cute little manly haircuts (read: no mullets or :::shudder::: “tails”) and wearing their most adorable little clothes.

Yes, and while the guys were nice to me, the lady-folk were ignoring me and giggling and staring.  I was like “wtf?”  I wanted to get my ritual on!!!

When you enter a coven, you have to be interviewed by many of the “higher uppers” to see who you’ll train under for a year.  Some were men, some were lady-folk.  The men would interview me and all of a sudden a woman would show up and be hanging all over them.  He’d shoo her off, and I’d be left to wonder “What the fuck was her problem?”

Turns out, all the girls thought I was a stuck-up bitch, all 100% based on how I looked…not how I treated people or was as a human being.  If you were to know me, you’d realize how absurd that idea is: me…..being a stuck-up bitch.  HA!  I am nice to everyone.  Even if you’re a dirty hippie.

Here’s the deal: I am not the asshole I portray in my blogs here.  I am pretty nice.  I don’t always dress like a girl, sometimes I wear icky jeans, and sweatshirts.  I do not think I am better than others……okay, maybe better than some.  But I really try to hard to see life from other people’s point of view.  If you’re nice to me?  I will be nice right back.

But if you pass judgement on me because of the way I look?  I will get to know you, see if your insides resemble your dirty outsides and if so, I WILL judge you on the way you look, because your personality matches.   But if you they don’t match?  I will adore you, for who you are.  I will not talk shit about you before I get to know you.  THAT’S another place where I differ from most Pagans.  I am learning to hate gossip.  But Pagans?  They thrive on it.

“I am more different than you, so I must be better!!” is an attitude that is echoed throughout the Pagan community.  Paganism is better than Christianity because it breaks out of the Patriarchal chains of oppression, with its rules and regulations!!

YET then you step into, oh say, Wicca, and you’ll find even MORE rules and MORE regulations.  “Must stick athame into chalice to symbolize the Great Rite” (which is the God and the Goddess getting it on).  “Must celebrate each full moon with a rite!” “Must acknowledge new and different holidays, such as Imbolc which is Groundhog Day, even though you have no ties to anything like that or even know what the fuck for!”  “Must use candles in proper directions on your alter otherwise it doesn’t count!!”  “Must have altar!”  “Nudity is fun and encouraged in group settings!”

Yes, you step out of one religion and give up your holidays and whatevers only to step into things of the same exact persuasion with new things to remember.  WHAT??!!!  Yeah, organized religion, whether you’re Pagan, Buddhist, or Christian, its all the same BS: made-made BS at that.

God didn’t write the 10 commandments anymore than the leader of our coven had actually embodied the spirit of the God after a ritual and gave out his “blessings”.

Josh (name changed to protect the fucking weird) came up to me, slowly, put his hand on my shoulder.  “I give you my blessings, my child, Blessed Be.”

My friend walked up and was choked up.  “Oh my, that was amazing,” she said humbly.

“What?” I said, skeptically and quizzically.  It was clear I had no idea what was going on.

“The God is speaking thru Josh.  He just gave you his blessings.”

It was a good thing it was dark, cause she’d have seen me roll my eyes.  “Okay,” I replied, annoyed.

It was clear at that moment I did not belong there.  I find people like that strange and quite frankly, stupid.

I believe if you DO have a spiritually moving experience, you don’t need to walk around and share your idiotic behavior with others.  I have had PLENTY of spiritual experiences.  But I keep them to myself OR I share them with my husband.  OR if someone asks and we’re both sharing.  But don’t interrupt MY spiritual stuff with your moronic crap, claiming to be something you’re clearly not.

I was half-expecting him to walk up and ask me to remove my clothes because the God wants us all to be “naked and free”.  He didn’t, thank whatever god was inside of him.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, I DO NOT trust ANY religion with a leader.  If you want to be a Pagan and practice with others?  Stay the fuck away from a coven.

A leader will normally try to control you and lead you they way THEY see fit, not help you find your own path.  I don’t care what religion you are.  This applies to all.

And where does it say in the fucking rules you HAVE to be strange to be a Pagan?  Not ALL Pagans are strange, but a good 90% or more are.

I camped with these people.  I attended a wedding (one I was not welcome to, apparently).  I attended rituals and rites and did all sorts of things to connect with “others like me”.  Turned out, none were like me.  Not in the least.  My husband shaves.  My kids bathe and keep their hair nice (not all the time….and normally only because I make them….they ARE boys after all).  And I usually try to look my best.  Not always, but when I meet up with others I do.

I don’t fit in with the nice dressed yuppies, with their fake-ass and disconnected ideals.  Nor the hippie Pagans with their loosey-goosey clothes-wearing and showering rules.  Not with the calm, cool, and collected Buddhists, who don’t kill spiders (I will kill the shit out of a spider).  I am more of a “middler”.  Not like Bette.  She’s the OG of Midlers.  Nobody can beat that.

Me?  I am normal, everyday “middler”.  I don’t swear too much, but more than others.  I don’t drink or smoke (but I used to).  I don’t dress like a douchebag nor a flighty-homeless person.  I am not always clean, but I am cleaner than some.  I am different than most, but more normal than some.  I am soooo much in the middle, that I belong to nothing.  No side.  No group.  Nothing.

I can talk shit.  But I can also empower with my words and offer healing empathy.  I am standing in the middle, with a clear view of both sides, the right and the left (although I am more left than right…although I am more right-brained than left).  I can clearly see the mistakes and validity in both sides (although again, I see more validity in the left and more mistakes in the right…being a liberal and all).  I think if you only had one word where I did fit into?  That would be liberal.  But that’s it.  And even then….I don’t even always fit with those people either.

As all Pagans are liberals.  But not all liberals are hippies or Pagans.  I am more of a dreamy, book-reading-and-writing, daydreaming, action-orientated, warrior liberal.  I am not about politics, don’t let that term confuse you.  I am more about what liberals stand for in real life rather than what all the idiots in politics are doing.

I dream of a better world, and work toward that by uplifting others with my words and thoughts and actions.

I dream of a better place for my children to live and work toward that by teaching my children about what they can do to better their circumstances by homechooling them with the idea of them becoming actually whatever they want….rather than just letting the broke-ass school system fail my children so they have to struggle to feed their families.  I teach them resilience, to pick themselves up after they fall and try again, because the only true failure in life is giving up.  I teach them to think for themselves, and to not let today’s religious/political/corporate institutions make their choices for them.  Yes, you have to follow the rules, but if the rules are outdated and broken, they will know how to fix them, rather than break them (we are not anarchists here).  I teach my children to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves: other children, animals, etc.  And to stand up for themselves because they are worth it.

I dream of a place where gays can marry legally, because religion will GET THE FUCK OUT of our goddamned government!

I have a dream.  Where little black boys and girls and little white boys will be able to hold hands as brothers and sisters!  Oh wait, that’s MLK Jr.’s dream…..well, it came true for him.  So maybe my dreams can come true, too?  I am not comparing myself to this great man, but in a way I am.  He is a human being, just like me.  He had a dream and inspired others to change.  I don’t know if I could stand in front of all those people and speak as eloquently as he did……but anything is possible.  Granted, he died for his greatness.  I am more interested in being here for my kids than inspiring greatness.  In a way, MLK Jr. is more accurate as our savior than Jesus was……cause MLK Jr.?  He really DID die for our sins.  If humankind would have seen black people as equal in the beginning, MLK Jr. would have had nothing to preach against.  But Jesus, on the other hand, died because of blasphemy, saying he WAS God, that we all were (again, read those parts that didn’t quite make it into the Bible, you’ll see what I’m talk about).

At least Paganism isn’t in our government.  Otherwise it would be mandatory to howl at the full moon after pledging allegiance to the flag to the republic for which it stands, and casual Fridays would take on a WHOLE new meaning.  BUT at least gays could marry!  Hey, maybe it would be better to spread Paganism across the US…hmmmmmm….maybe I could conquer Texas and California. I could tell them all “Become Pagan or else you will be fed to the crocodiles!”  Then we could bring back the Colosseum and throw sociopaths and CEO’s into the pit with the crocs!!

Here will be the first man to go in the pit:

Mike jeffriesCEO Mike Jeffries from Amberzomie and Bitch

He happens to be both sociopath AND a CEO!  (as most are, btw)

Even though I am not really a Pagan, I think making him perform the Great Rite (FOR REAL, not that symbolic shit) with every single fat woman (and man….including sumos) on Earth will suffice.  And THEN let the crocs at him!

Now, just to find fat people that would actually fuck Mr. Jeffries……cause that bitch?  He’s ugly as sin!!

If he wins against the crocs?  He will be forced into servitude as my lackey and only allowed to wear a loincloth.  Oh wait, ick!!!  I don’t want to see that.  NO NO no…he will be forced to wear a head-to-toe get-up like this:

Islamic dress

Cause nobody wants to see Mr. Jeffries, not actually…..

To Mrs. Jeffries: You’re welcome.

See??  We can make a brand new world where we can incorporate all religions, together, in one cohesive way!  BUT in a better way, cause the people that actually would deserve these things would be the ones getting them, not the innocent normal people.  Like us “fatties”.

Oh and Pagans?  They be FAAAAAT.  So I am sure I’d get their support in this!!  Not be an asshole or anything, but according to the statistics in my head, 90% of Pagans are overweight.  You can quote me on that.
And Mr. Jeffries?  The Pagans would be happy to throw you in the croc pit.

Okay, I am done here.  I bashed Christians, now I had to bash the Pagans.  Sorry.  (read: no I’m not)

Its just that its still an organized religion with rules and regulations.

And like I said before: I prefer my connection to God, wholesale only please.  No middle man with his man-made BS rules.  Even if they are quirky and different than the rest.

I am going to take my chubby, “middler”, smart ass outta here now.  And go start digging my croc pit.

I will post when its done 😉

Till next time.

“Giving my kids an ass whooping makes them better kids than yours!”

Fuck you.  No it doesn’t.

Nothing says the South more than saying the words “ass whooping”.

The thing is, spanking doesn’t make your kids assholes.  Just as much as not spanking your kids will turn them into slothy, disrespectful dicks.  I am so fucking tired of hearing it from both sides.

There was a school stabbing in Houston today at Spring High School.  And one commenter on my friend’s status about it said “Ugh, some kids just need their ass whooped growing up….period.”  Then I said “That’s probably why this happened to begin with….they learned violence at home.”  I am from the North.  Ass-whooping here means fighting someone, punching them in the face and whatnot.  I took it to mean “abuse”, but then this guy took his Southern term (which sounds horribly violent to me) as say to open the “spanking” debate.

ImageSo spankers think that non-spankers kids make violent.  And the non-spankers think the same thing.

Soooooooooo….who are the violent ones, again?

I will just come out and say it: humanity is violent.  Some more than others, but it has nothing to do with if were spanked or not.

Although, logically, you would think that NOT hitting your kids would incite less violence. Because beating the violence out of your kids?  Yeah, not sure how that logic even make sense for a nanosecond 😕

Let’s talk about what we consider violence is for a moment (humor me for a second):

Violence is identified as a “rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment”.  So, by definition, spanking is a violent act.  But, the REAL question is: do these types of violent acts cause issues later in life?

We do know, for one, that if we are spanked, we are more likely to grow up to spank our own children.  But if we had lived in a time when spanking was not okay, then would we even resort to spanking in our weakest moments?  Or is it just something built into us?

We have proven that we can stop spanking, as many of us do not spank, even if we did before.  We can make a conscious choice to not do it by every time we’re in a situation we’d normally spank, we actively choose something else.

So, does that make this punishment a subconscious act?  Something that’s normal to want to do because its ingrained in all of humanity?

Kids, by nature, are violent creatures.  They hit when they are mad, they bit, kick, and throw things.  We all know that kids are also reactive creatures (that’s your vocab word, write it down).  They do not “think first, then react”.  They “react first”, always.  That’s subconscious talking.

Are kids not conscious creatures?  If they only react, that would suggest so.  The dictionary says the subconscious is “the totality of mental processes ofwhich the individual is not aware”.  So our children are not aware of what they do, as their brains are not developed yet.  So, its safe to say that hitting is the product of an underdeveloped mind.  Its reactive behavior.

So, what does that say about us?  Are we proactive or reactive?  Proactive means “tending to initiate change rather than reacting to events”.  So those of us who do spank, have we developed that part of our brains that lets us initiate change rather than react to it?

Why do we spank?

Parents spank as a way to:

1) react to a negative incident that our children have created;

2) to punish children for creating such an incident; and

3) hopefully prevent said incident from happening again.

But where did they get this idea?  And why is it seen as okay?

As seeing that spanking is a form of corporal punishment, we have to look it as a whole.  Corporal punishment is described as a form of “physical punishment that involves the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offense, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behavior deemed unacceptable” (Wikipedia).  Other forms of corporal punishment include: switching, paddling, belting, caning, whipping, and birching (using a birch rod to hit someone’s bare buttocks, back or shoulders).  Sounds pretty violent, doesn’t it?  Although the state where I live you are only allowed to hit your kids with your open hand on the butt, anything else is deemed abuse.

Corporal punishment has been around as long as humanity has.  Why?  Because our ancestors had less developed brains than we did, so therefore they lived in fight or flight mode on a second to second basis.  This was needed for survival.  So when these parents (and husbands) thought their children (or wife) was doing something that wasn’t right?  Hitting them was just instinct.

So this “instinct”, as with all instincts, its a “knee-jerk” reaction (do I hear the word “reactive” in there again?) to an a circumstance or incident.  Having our ancestors smack each other was a way to say “Hey, I might hit you now, but if that sabertooth tiger gets you cause you’re not listening to me, then that will be WAY worse!”  They could not convey this with words, so they had to use their hands.

Here is a bit of history from http://www.religioustolerance.org for corporal punishement:

  • Slave-owners could whip slaves. This was theoretically abolished in the U.S. at the end of the Civil War.
  • Masters could whip indentured servants.
  • Husbands could beat wives with little chance of being arrested; this immunity has been greatly reduced in recent years throughout North America.
  • The public could commit violence against people found guilty and held captive in a pillory. This was abolished in most US states by 1839. In 1905. Delaware was the last state to eliminate stocks.
  • Jail guards could cane or whip prisoners. The last flogging in Britain was in 1967; in the U.S. it ended in 1952, again in Delaware.
  • Ship officers could flog sailors until the practice was abolished by the U.S. Senate in 1850; and in Britain in 1957.
  • Boxers were and are expected to beat each other senseless to the point that they can no longer function. Over time, this still often causes brain damage.
  • School teachers could use corporal punishment on their students. Laws were passed to abolished spanking in British state-run schools in 1986, and in privately funded schools in 1998. The Supreme Court of Canada prohibited corporal punishment by Canadian schools in 2004. Punishment in schools is still permitted in about 60% of the states.
  • Parents and guardians could — and continue to — use corporal punishment on their children in the U.S. and Canada, subject to some restrictions.

To this day, hitting your wife is an acceptable form of punishment in some countries and you won’t get arrested for it.  But WE Americans know this not to be true…that hitting your wife, even “spanking” her (not the sexy kind of spanking) is abuse, correct?  “We are more civilized than that!” we cry out.  We know better!  YET it was commonly done (and still is illegally) up until our parents’ or grandparents’ generations (and depending on where you live, it might still be ignored).  YET…..we do not feel the same about our children.

More Questions to Ask

So when we live in a society where slapping a child on the ass is seen as okay, and not abuse, where does that leave the child’s psyche?  Will the child feel abused?  Will they remember?  Will they become deviants or act out because of it as they would as if there were clear lines drawn as abuse?

If there were clear lines drawn for abuse for spanking, would it feel the same as other types of abuse?  And if not, would do even feel abused because the society in which we live says its okay to do?  Does that have anything to do with it?  Possibly.  But I bet the wives that were hit legally for “punishment” felt abused.  But if they had only been spanked?  I dunno.  Is there even a line between an open hand on the butt than a smack on the face?  I know I don’t remember my spankings as much as I do when I got slapped….BUT I was younger when it happened, too.

The problem is, most parents don’t use their hands.  They use belts.

And here is a video of what that looks like, in case you think its appropriate to hit your kid with a belt:
WARNING—graphic content


Hitting your kids with belts are the same as whipping them with a slave whip.  Now, granted, the whip makes bloody marks and scars and was arguably more violent, but its “today’s version” of slave whippings.  Cause why are you whipping them?  Cause they don’t listen.  Just like your slave.


The issue here is, when does dicipline become abuse?  Where is that line?  And if you beat your kid with a belt or your hand, will they be a better child who doesn’t experience violence as a form of discipline?  We’ve already discussed how it is violence, so there is no argument there, but when does it become abuse?  Look at the comments on that video…look at how many parents or people see that as a viable form of discipline?

Anyone reading this have nightmares of getting spanked or beaten with a belt?  I guarantee you if you were hit as a teen you do, or at least you remember the humiliation and pain.

And just because you might not remember it, does it mean it didn’t affect you?  Do you spank your own children?

There has been a study done that shows that children who are spanked are more aggressive and more depressed, and I assume, causes behavior that deems more spankings.  A vicious cycle……

“I spank you, which causes you to act bad, so I spank you more, which causes you to act worse, etc.”

Here is the link: http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/spanking-leads-aggressive-depressed-kids-191000663.html#!icHQu

Ponder This

Think about it….why has this form of discipline lasted throughout the ages?  Spare the rod, spoil that child, that is.  Which isn’t technically in the bible, its an axiom based upon biblical teachings.

So yes, we are back to the Christians again!  Yay!

Christianity has persevered throughout the years, and is a HUGE advocate of beating children.  Okay, not really, but it used to be:

Proverbs 22:15 – Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of correction will drive it far from him.
Proverbs 23:13, 14 – Do not withhold correction from a child, For if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. You shall beat him with a rod, And deliver his soul from hell.
Proverbs 29:15 – The rod and rebuke give wisdom, But a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.

Technically it says we should beat our children with rods to keep them in line, so they don’t go to hell.  So THAT’S where this notion of “Giving my kids an ass whooping makes them better kids than your kids!!” comes in.  Now I get it!!  idea :::lightbulbmoment:::  And my kids are going to hell!! Whoo hoo!!

So, go back to our ancestors for a moment, they could not convey with words what they had to convey with their hands.  But today, not only do we have higher cognitive functions, but we have words.  We can use them.  We constantly tell kids instead of hitting each other “Use your words”.  But yet we can’t do that ourselves?  Hmmmmm…….double standard, maybe?  And kids can see thru a double standard faster than they can hear the ice cream truck coming down the street.  And that’s fast!

Kids aren’t stupid.  “Do as I say, not as I do” has never worked.

So where does that leave us?  Well, if you want to spank your kids, take a look…are your children more aggressive?  Are they depressed?  Could you use other forms of discipline other than spanking to see if there’s a difference?  And also remember what spanking is and what is isn’t: its open-handed slap on the butt.  Not on the leg.  Not on the face.  Not on the arm.  Not with a flyswatter, a belt, a broom, a switch, a wooden spoon, a shoe, or anything.  Those are child abuse by law.  Know the difference.

Most parents spank out of anger…..which makes the whole act violent (and we did clarify that spanking is a form of violence….its just the question of how much mental damage, if any, does it inflict on your child).  Spanking not out of anger does not make sense to a child…..to hit someone when you’re not angry?  I can’t even think about what that teaches a kid.  I have never met a parent that doesn’t spank out of anger.

Kids hit each other when they are at their wit’s end, when they have run out of options.  So let’s give you all some options, so that way you’ll have ALL these tricks and ideas on hand so you won’t ever be at your wit’s end and be reactive (acting before thinking) rather than proactive (consciously thinking before acting):

Those are just a few, just google it and you’ll come up with loads more.

So back to the title of this blog….those who choose to spank their children, they like to try to constantly make the rest of us who choose not to, feel bad about our parent choices.  They tell use our kids will “get into trouble” or in the fact of the man who posted that meme “they grow up and stab people”.

I really REALLY hold myself back in these cases to call those people “lunatics” and “utter morons”, as common sense will tell you that showing your kids any type of violence will make them more violent and not showing them violence will in NO WAY cultivate violence.  But I digress….

I can’t take it personally, as 1) I have common sense and 2) the entire reason they say this to me is not because of me or my children.  Its because they have been made to feel bad by non-spanking parents so they feel that they retaliate against all non-spankers.  As if we all are the reason they feel bad.  I don’t even have to say anything, I just have to choose the act of not spanking and its offensive to them.

Its like when I used to tell people I was vegetarian, they would get all stupid and say “I’m sorry” and then go on about how great meat is.  As if the act of me choosing (proactively) to not eat meat was in itself making a mockery of those that do, as if its offensive or that my choice was saying something about them.

What????  Okay.  My choices ARE NEVER a statement to be made about those who choose differently than me.  But ask yourself, are you actively choosing your diet?  Your form of education?  Your parental discipline?  Or are you acting out of habit or because “that’s the way its always been done?”

Anyone who actively (proactively even) chooses a way of life, will never be offended by someone else choosing differently.  Yes, it makes me sad when people spank their kids.  It hurts my stomach to watch…..but that doesn’t say anything about me.  I know why people do it, I get it, its been ingrained in their psyches for so long (for all of us as a human race) that its okay, that its hard to change (or some don’t want to at all, and that’s okay), and its not for me to judge.  But that’s not about me in the least.  Your choice to spank your kid does not affect my choice to not spank.

So if you feel bad because of my choices?  Or get offended because I disagree with you?  I think deep down you either want to change….or you might be letting others make you feel bad for your choices and taking it out on me.  But since its not really about me, I need to just walk away and not worry about it.

Be proactive in your life.  Choose your actions, your words, your way of life, rather than letting your reactive subconscious mind choose for you.

Its easy to to let your mind control you.  But now its time for you to be in control of your mind.

Good luck.

Till next time….